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Hey everybody ...

I know I haven't posted much lately but that's because I've been busy doing other things like sending resumes, interviewing and trying to get a job. But ... I do not want to discuss any of that. Suffice it to say ... I am still unemployed. In between all of that I've been catching up with my blog reading and believe me, there are some hysterically funny ones out there ... one day I will list them for you. But more importantly, I've been doing all of my wifely duties without incident or complaint.

I guess by now you've all noticed that I haven't complained about "the old man" in quite a while ... this is because he was feeling a bit slighted by my HUMOROUS meanderings on his quirky and lovable selfishness and lazy ass so I told him I wouldn't "go there" anymore ... but it's difficult because he's such a treasure trove of material for me that I can't tell half of my stories! So, along with that, as I mentioned earlier, I've also managed to maintain CONTROL and DISCIPLINE when I want to implode with rage at the injustice and unfairness regarding the distribution of the household chores ... and so far ... so good ... Danny is still alive ... but I wonder ... am I doing a huge disservice to my psyche? Like holding in a fart for too long? All in all, I really do like it better when I don't get mad and just do what I gotta do without complaint ... like a Stepford wife .... because everyone is just happier ... including me! And then there is that perverted pleasure I get from knowing that ... one day ... when I'm DEAD ... EVERYONE WILL BE SORRY ... and they'll have to wash their own dishes and do their own laundry ... but I don't wanna be a hater and go there because I've truly turned over a new leaf. So I guess you could say I had an epiphany ... I just realized that the way to peace and happiness is to JUST SHUT UP. Now here's the really interesting (and frustrating) part about all of this ... NO ONE NOTICES that I've turned over a new leaf. No one notices that I don't get pissed off anymore. No one notices that I don't complain or whine or bitch. And yet ... though months and weeks have passed, if I for instance slip ... for just a second and let a SHIT fly out of my mouth it's LIKE NOTHING HAS EVER CHANGED ... for "THEM". As far as THEY are concerned I'm still the same old whining, controlling bitch they've always known and loved. What can I say ... a gal can't catch a break. And even though I would like THEM TO NOTICE ... they don't. And I know that they never will. So short of marking the calendar each day ... I DIDN'T GET PISSED OFF TODAY. I DIDN'T YELL TODAY. I DIDN'T COMPLAIN TODAY and showing them an entire six months of GOOD BEHAVIOR (ok ok, let's say three) and proving to THEM that I am NOT A BITCH, NOT A BITCH, NOT A BITCH ... I know that even that would prove fruitless. And I know all you wives and mothers out there "get it" and you all know where I'm coming from, but I still have yet another "BUT" to throw into the mix ... IT DOESN'T MATTER. None of it. You know why? Because I KNOW WHAT I KNOW and I KNOW that I'm not a bitch and I'm not a whiner. How do I know this? Because the voices in my head tell me so.


  1. If you hold all that in-you'll explode and then you'll just be the bitch that exploded. Let it out Deb!


  3. Let it out in another way...I don't know...take a tap class or Perhaps your turning of the new leaf is misdirected if you want people to notice it...Why exactly are you doing this again?


  4. YOU are like no other!

    You know I know what you're talking about. I think that if you do get a job, get out of the house more, mingle more, go with me Saturday night to a little restaurant where JC is playing (only him and another guy), maybe you'll feel better. You've been stuck at home far too long now and I know that feeling too.

    I go from home to work and back, drive Karina all over town and back, and church and back. The end, amen, that's all there is folks. I'm not sure but I think that in itself makes me grumpy. Add to that unwashed dishes, dinner that needs making and cleaning up after, cleaning toilets, floors etc....why wouldn't I be grouchy. But you know what, my mom did it and so did hers. It's just our lot in life.

    Unless of course, you write that book and make lots and lots of money and give me a percentage of course because I'm telling you, you can do it, then maybe there will be less to complain about. But I doubt it. It's just how we is.

    Love ya!

  5. Yes I think you should write a book; Erma Bombeck style; LOL!

  6. Hi Debbie,

    I think for me when I visit a blog called From Venting to Viggo, and have an inkling that there will be, well, some venting. I think the difference is venting not just crudely but cleverly; and since I usually come away from your blog laughing, I have no complaints.



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