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The Grammys

I haven't watched the Grammy Awards in a hundred years because, as some of you may or may not know, I don't consider a lot of this new stuff music, and also because: (a) don't know who anybody is and (2) I HATE rap. I have however, compiled a list of red carpet looks for critiquing. Enjoy ...
John Legend. WOW. Talk about an elegant man. I am loving this look. Pure class. Grade: A+

Lady Ga Ga. This gal is talented as all get out but she looks like Judy Jetson on crack.
The Jonas Brothers. The three of them seriously to cut their hair.

Snookie from The Jersey Shore. WTF. First of all, those bootie shoes aren't happening for her and she forgot to put on her spanks. Dress - bad, color - bad, overall look - BAD. Grade: F-
Britney Spears. AY. YI YI. It looks like she put on a pair of big girl panties and then made a dress out of her grandma's lace tablecloth. Grade: F-

I LOVE this girl. Carrie Underwoood. Great singer, and a lady to boot ... which we don't see much of these days. Very pretty girl in a beautiful dress. Grade: A+

The AMAZINGLY TALENTED Jennifer Hudson wearing a very fashion foward look by Victoria Beckham. However, what's with the bowl-cut? She looks like Moe from the Three Stooges.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me because the Oscar nominations are going to be announced. I'm hoping against hope that my boyfriend gets a nomination for "The Road" but I don't think it's likely. However, would like to put in a plug for Jeff Bridges, who I've always liked. Danny and I saw Crazy Heart yesterday and it was a really good flick. Jeff won the Golden Globe for best actor and is probably going to get an Oscar nod as well. Deservedly so, but I am STILL hopelessly and everlastingly devoted to my Viggo.

Until then, OVER AND OUT peeps.


  1. We're almost in agreement. Only difference, I think Jennifer Hudson looks great, bowl cut and all.

  2. I agree too with everything..I just don't Get Lady Ga Ga or her music..guess I am just too old!

  3. I'm with you, Sister. Someone needs to tell Lady Ga Ga that Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons), Madonna, and Little Richard already did what she is attempting to do. All the stuff destracts from her beauty and, in my opinion, even her talent. I honestly just don't get it. It would make big news if she actually showed up somewhere, anywhere, dressed appropriately in clothing... not a costume. She should use Katie Perry as an example. That girl used to wear giant fruit on her clothing and now she is always the Belle of the Ball in gorgeous gowns and jewels. As for Brittney, oh my. Like my brother once said about a talentless Miss America contestant after her talent performance, "Man,.. someone shoulda told her."
    Love ya, Sister-Friend

  4. I think that if Lady GaGa wore a basic little black dress everyone would freak. That's just not her style. I too didn't quite get her at first, but if you keep hearing a certain song over and over it kinda grows on you. But she still is a little weird. As for Jennifer Hudson, she looks great! And she was wearing a ponytail.
    Cindy Loo

  5. I'm put off by lady gag me with her antics although I know she's talented. I thought Jennifer Hudson looked amazing and apparently Brit brit needs some guidence. I went to bed after Maxwell cuz he's the only thing I wanted to see and of course he was towards the end. Usually the Grammys are pretty good but this years was off alittle...I'm just sayin'



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