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Octomom (note smashed baby by Octomom's cleveage ... ay yi yi)

Every one in a while I'll dry up and have nothing to blog about and I'll wonder to myself when or where inspiration will strike? Somehow, something always triggers my viewpoint on something and, well today, inspiration struck BIG TIME when I happened to see Nadya Suleman a/k/a The Octomom on The View. Just let me say right now, this gal is a certifiable WACKADOO. From her mindless chattering to her demented cackling laughter all I kept thinking to myself was ... IS SHE ON CRACK? And for those of you who didn't see this program, don't worry ... I'm certain it will be all over the Internet and recapped on every single news and entertainment program on T.V. tonight. She was so jumpy and hyper that Joy Behar actually asked her if she was on something to which she responded "DNA! My mom is the same way!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

Why they had her on the show is beyond me but for whatever it's worth, she talked about the fact that she was delusional and in serious denial about the reality of raising 14 kids (but once she hit the pipe all that anxiety and fear just melted away) and then she talked about how she lost a ton of weight, NOT BY DIETING, but by building MUSCLE MASS. OOOOOOOH. Is that what I've been doing wrong all these years? Mhmmmm .... muscle mass .... and SHE'S WRITING A BOOK (I bet you all saw that coming) ... OH, and she wanted to emphasize how very, very shy she is and how she never, ever wanted all this media attention ...

(Hence the photograph on the left) I always wondered about Playboy playmates who say this very same thing ... "I'm really very shy" ... as they straddle an ironing board and smile at the camera whilst grabbing their breasteses.)

Octomom wants us to believe that she delivered 8 babies and got this body not by dieting or liposuction and a super industrial heavy duty tummy tuck, but by building muscle mass and being naturally hyper with a super fast metabolism that just burned away all those pesky calories ... (she said ... as she hit the pipe once more) ...


  1. Ummmm, all I can say is SHE IS GROSS!!!

  2. OK, so why did the View have this whack-job on as a guest?? This lady clearly is nuts. Clearly. People should be talking about the health and wellbeing of all them kids instead of asking numbnuts how she got rid of the baby weight. I wonder how much money The View paid her for her appearance? After all of the smack those ladies have talked about Octomom- - what a bunch of freakin' hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So, did Nadya thank all Californians for all the nice money and resources each of us are paying for??????????????????????????????????? Maybe she will mention us in the acknowledgements in her book...

  3. I couldn't concentrate on the post because Octomom's scary lips distracted me. She's nuts.

  4. Although my motto this year is "Better living through chemistry"...she needs Valium to take it down a notch and a half. I get very angry when I see her picture somewhere because WE as tax payers have payed for her stupidity and selfishness.


  5. She's nutzoid! Gotta wonder what happened in her life to make her think she's just another normal woman.


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