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The Jersey Shore just got renewed for another season (God help us) ... these morons are going to be making $10,000 per episode ... meanwhile .... I'm still unemployed.

So now, the big question is WHERE they want the series to take place next season. Mhmmmmm, let's see ... the show is called THE JERSEY SHORE .... so why don't you set it at ... THE JERSEY SHORE ... YOU MORONS. OY. Again, my answer to all these stupid reality shows, let's take it to THE HOOD.

I love to see a throw down between Clockstopper and Snookie.

or The Guidos versus The Homies

How come Bravo doesn't do a reality show in The Hood? You know, not everyone who lives there is a gang banging thug. There are lots of hardworking, decent people who live and work there. Why don't we watch a reality show that is actually ABOUT REALITY? The real struggles of real people? I KNOW, I KNOW ... no one cares about real people. They would rather see Snookie make out with a Guido and then do backflips across a dance floor in a nightclub without her underwear on. Ay. America ... I mourn for you.

In truth, I've only seen little snippets of this reality show and what little I did see ... I HAD to change the channel immediately because I knew that if I got sucked in for more than a few seconds I would have to stab myself in the head with a fork.


  1. Reality TV is so far out of the realm of reality that it doesn't exist! LOL! Love ya!

  2. I'm with you Deb,I've seen snippets too and change the channel right away. $10,000 per episode is making their heads inflate. Not to mention getting invited to the Grammy's and other celebrity FUNKtions. WTF? They're not celebrities!! BTW Snookie doesn't stand a chance with Clockstopper.
    Cindy Loo


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