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The Golden Globes

Taylor Lautner. I think this is the weirdest looking kid I've ever seen. He really does look like a werewolf.

Penelope Cruz. Beautiful. Loved the dress, loved the hair, everything. Beautiful.

Uh, Monique ... (look hard people) she forgot to shave her legs!!!!

Mariah Carey and her golden globes ... why doesn't she just go topless? And her husband/assistant, Nick Cannon.

Vera Farmiga. This is Danny's fantasy girlfriend. I had to post her picture. She's ugly huh.

Kate Hudson. Not everyone can wear white, however, this looks fabulous on her. But it looks like she borrowed her shoes from Minnie Mouse.

Can I just say that ... the knockers on this chick ... humongo.
Dress - ugly
color - ugly
hair - ugly.
Overall Rating - UGLY.

Jennifer Aniston. ALWAYS does it right and knows that less, definitly is more.

I don't like Julia Roberts. She thinks she's the Queen of Hollywood. To me she looks like a horse. Don't like the dress, don't like the necklace, don't like the hair. Go home Julia.

And P.S. NEVER wear a short dress to the Golden Globes.

Halle Berry ALWAYS beautiful. Disgusting.

Love Drew. Hate the dress. It looks like she has a sea urchin on her shoulder and a barnacle on her hip.

Director, James Cameron and wife Suzy Amis.

Major glamour don't. This look is wrong on so many levels.

1. She is much too white to wear white. P.S. Have you ever heard of Mystic Tan ... Sheesh! Casper!

2. She has no boobs for a halter.

3. Hair is terrible. It's like she just threw it in a ponytail and the rain frizzed it out.

Cameron Diaz. Beautiful girl, great body but I don't think I like this dress. I don't like the shoes with this dress ... they look to clunky for red satin. I think if she had left her hair loose with some curls, 1930's style it would have made all the difference ...

Christina Aguilera. Beautiful.

Cher aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

And that's all I have to say about that.


  1. Funniest line: "P.S. Have you ever heard of Mystic Tan ... Sheesh! Casper!"

    As James Cameron's wife maybe they can find her an "Avatar." See you got me started.


  2. I watched for a little bit just to see Ricky Gervais...he cracks me up. Halle berry...I swear if I was gay...

  3. Well, we're in agreement. Just what was Kate Hudson thinking when she put those shoes on? It's just a good thing they're at the bottom, at least they can be covered.

  4. Cher looks just a little plastic these days, don't ya think?


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