Thursday, April 29, 2021

Undercover Billionaire ...


Remember a long time ago I wrote a post wherein I suggested someone use MY idea for a reality show?  My idea was to take a bunch of millionaires, give them a salary of $30,000/yr and tell them to live on that for a year. IN CALIFORNIA. With that $30k they have to pay rent for a shithole apartment (in Cali a two bedroom shithole apartment can easily go for $2,500/mo. - and I said "apartment" because on that salary you could NEVER afford to buy a shithole house because shithole houses easily go for $500k and up), buy food, pay utilities, insurance, cable, cell phone, and deal with real life issues like a layoff, or a sick kid, or a car that keeps breaking down, rent going up every other year, and NEVER getting a raise, and having to work for an asshole at a job you can't quit because you need to live.  Then, for extra laughs, tell them to save money for a vacation or to start a business ... HA!  I'd pay to see that.  

Undercover Billionaire.  Here's the premise.  Each billionaire is given $100 dollars.  THAT'S IT.  They are then sent to a city where they will have to find shelter for the night and eventually, a place to live, and then proceed to set about to build a $1 million dollar business.  They cannot utilize their own names, they cannot use any of their contacts.  They have to do it ALL with $100 and start from scratch.  They have to succeed in 90 days simply on their talent, their wits, their confidence and smarts proving to us (the downtrodden people who are too lazy to start up a million dollar business that is successful) ... that the American dream is alive and well.  

After laughing for 20 minutes, I couldn't help but watch.

Here are the billionaires:


This former drug addict (aren't they all?) is now addicted to landing business deals… the type of deals that have generated riches for him and those who follow his principles. According to Grant, no matter what business you’re in, you’re in sales. Grant’s the author of eight best-selling business books, the founder of the 10X movement, and he sells out massive arenas all over the world for audiences eager to listen to his money-making wisdom.

Grant was sent to Pueblo, Colorado with $100 and a dream to succeed in 90 days.  He somehow scored free sleeping arrangements from a guy who sells RVs.  He started out gang-busters but by day 3 could not believe he'd had no luck making any contacts whatsoever.  I'm sure as "Grant Cardone" when he walks into someone's office with his Armani suit and deep dark tan people listen.  As a regular guy with no capital every business owner he met with was not impressed -- and quite frankly, Grant came off as a moron.  He literally cried because no one was taking him seriously.  Did you read that?  HE CRIED.  SMH.
IT'S CALLED REAL LIFE GRANT.  Nobody loves you when you're down and out.  


Monique went on to become the brains behind the Mosley Music Group, in partnership with her now ex-husband Tim “Timbaland” Mosley, where she was responsible for managing the successful careers of such high-profile artists as One Republic, Nelly Furtado and Chris Cornell.

Monique took her $100 and was sent to Tacoma, Washington.  Figuring that the Church was a good place to start in order to find shelter for the night, a kindly pastor paid for her to stay at a nice hotel for three days on HIS CREDIT CARD.  What a saint.  (And P.S. this bitch BETTER pay him back!) After three days Monique was losing hope.  She had to leave the hotel and still had not made any important contacts.  At one point she calls her mother and cries on the phone and tells her she just wants to go home.  AFTER THREE DAYS.  SMH.  
IT'S CALLED REAL LIFE MONIQUE.  Nobody cares that you used to be married to a rap star.


She’s a self-proclaimed “100 percent badass” who has developed and built everything from luxury homes to casinos and hospitals. Elaine moves forward with intense determination, no visible fear of failure, and an uncanny ability to get her way.  (P.S.  I can tell you right now .... this is one broad you don't want to work for!)

Elaine took her $100 to Fresno, California.  After trying to find a hotel room for the night she could not believe that she couldn't find one for under $100!  (eyes rolling) ... Elaine, you've been rich too long.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A HOTEL ROOM FOR UNDER $100.  She finally scored a room from an Inn for $25/night and then worked out a deal with the manager to pay the $400 monthly fee for the room by working for him for free.  She then got a job working in the fields loading fruit in 97 degree heat for $15/hr.  She hasn't had much luck either.  She has been cruising all over Fresno looking for an old building to buy and an investor to go in with her because SHE HAS NO MONEY to either buy or renovate it.  

Keep in mind that the cameras are filming them and so the regular folk they converse with are much more likely to be kind.  If I tried to score free sleeping arrangements in an RV park how successful do you think I'd be? Truthfully, I think most people, on their own, are kind.  But not people who have businesses that they need to protect.  NO ONE IS GOING TO LET A STRANGE MAN SLEEP IN ONE OF YOUR RVs FOR FREE FOR WEEKS ON END.  EVER.  

I'll keep y'all posted.  


  1. I can't with these people! I was wondering if anybody would notice the cameras. That makes a lot of difference. You go on and take one for the team (whoever they are) Debbie. I'm going to just pull out my Starsky & Hutch and Rizzoli & Isles DVDs and escape reality for awhile.




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