Thursday, May 13, 2021


 Alex Rodriguez Is "Very Shocked" By Jennifer Lopez's Reunion With Ben Affleck

Really Alex?  You know Jennifer ... Queen of the Rebound.  Why are you shocked?  Jen can't be alone.  Not even for a second.  She's like a shark ... she has to keep on moving or she'll die.  Like the Wicked Witch of the West, If there is no man in her life she literally melts and dies.
The girl just keeps flipping over the same rug.  After she marries and divorces Ben (who personally doesn't do a thing for me) she'll be onto Casper Smart again.  Or one of her other exes.  In the words of Donald Trump ... SAD.

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Apparently Don Jr.’s Ex-Wife Left Him For A Secret Service Agent

Wouldn't you?  Personally, I like my men to have a chin.  GOOD FOR HER.

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Ashley Graham Proudly Shows Off Her Armpit Hair to Celebrate the Launch of Her Own Razor Design


ASHLEY!  NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THIS.  You can plug your new freaking invention without showing us this disgusting picture.  JEEZ!  Don't you realize that there will be a tons of people who will not be able get this image out of their minds?!?!?!

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Megan Markle (poor girl) will not be having a baby shower for her second baby because of all the strife in the world.  NEWSFLASH!!!!  Here's the deal .... YEARS ago this is how baby showers worked.  You got one for your FIRST baby and that was it.  Any other babies that came after that did not warrant a baby shower because it was only one per customer and now you have hand-me-downs.  Like Megan Markle needs a baby shower.  PLEEZE. 

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AND for all you Gwyneth Paltrow haters there is a hysterical piece in the Guardian titled "Dear Gwyneth Paltrow, welcome to everyone else's sad-potato life."  HILARIOUS!

Past the link into your browser.  It's worth it!


  1. J-Lo needs therapy! Learning to loooove yourself, it is the greatest love of aaaaall. Okay, that's out of my system.
    As I said over at Bob's, I thought the Secret Service had better taste. I wouldn't want any Trump or Trump adjacent leftovers.
    Ashley, Ashley, I've discovered a frozen shoulder and arthritis keeps my hair from growing letting alone needing a razor. That's the bright side of not being able to raise one's arms. It also prevents pit hair flashings.
    Lastly, what's a post? A link? A browser? If the words aren't blue I can't read the article referenced. Technolgy challenged, you know.

    1. Girlfriend ... copy and paste the address/link/whatever and put it in your browser. You can stick onto Google and you'll find the article. YOU HAVE TO READ IT! ITS HYSTERICAL!

  2. I'm surprised JLo waited a second before moving on, though there is talk that she and Affleck have been "talking" for months!

    And Paltrow? Fuck all the way off.

  3. buncha fucking LOSERS! such miserable empty lives they lead. money can't buy happiness. I'd rather be a potato than be a freak like these assholes.



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