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Apparently, Bravo has not invited Tamra back for next season.  REASON:  She bad mouthed Bravo and told the entire world on her Facebook page how they set her up to miss Lizzie's birthday party at the last minute implying that what happens on RHOC is not really REALITY but SCRIPTED which is a big fat NO NO.  She then took to her Facebook page to rant and rave about it and Bravo did not like that.  Bravo said they were through with Tamra's Diva behavior SOOOOOOO TAMRA ...

Insert Andy Cohen here
OH GAWD I love when the haughty bitches of reality T.V. get their just desserts.  Gretchen ... I can hear you laughing from here.  And can I just say ... KARMA BE A BITCH Y'ALL.                                        

Mrs. Chipmunk Cheeks Judge then axed her Facebook account and ran off to Mexico with Husband No. 3.  I can hardly wait until she fades into obscurity.  You know Tamra ... the ENTIRE WORLD WILL NOT KNOW WHO THE HELL YOU ARE IN ABOUT A WEEK.  Just ask Jeanna Keough, Jo De La Rosa, Lauri Waring, and Alexis Bellino ... to name few (and the only reason I know these gals is because I have a blog and it's my job). 

SO, on that happy note, let's get to it. 

Lizzie with the gigantic knockers had her tits smooshed into her skin tight bustier and basically got stood up on her birthday by everyone except Vicki and Brooks.  Tamra's excuse? Her daughter was sick (ergo Tamra's firing because she was "set up" people!) ... Shannon was also unable to make it but I forgive her because I like her and everyone has been really mean to her so there! 

(Doesn't Lizzie look like a super exaggerated Sofia Loren?  BIG EYES, BIG NOSE, BIG MOUTH, BIG TITS). 

So, that left Vicki, Brooks, Lizzie (what a stupid ass name.  Perhaps you could upgrade to the more grown up sounding "Liz" ... just a thought) and her husband to celebrate her birthday.  They all went to Hollywood for dinner and drinks.  Vicki is always happy when there are drinks.  Lizzie basically fawned over Vicki and Brooks and stated how much she likes Brooks which prompted Vicki to weigh in on Tamra weighing in on Brooks and Brianna.  "If it weren’t for Tamra," said Vicki, "badmouthing Brooks to Brianna Brianna would love Brooks by now."   Vicki my love ... Brianna has NEVER liked Brooks.  Brianna will NEVER like Brooks, and you can wait until hell freezes over because Brianna is NEVER EVER IN THIS LIFETIME going to like Brooks.  DEAL WITH IT.

NEXT ... Tamra and Heather decide to go to Bali on a girls trip.  They also decide to have a “sit down” with Shannon (who both have been horribly mean to) to try to patch things up and move on as they are so fond of saying, but no one EVER moves on.  Heather then begins weighing in on Hinduism and Bali and the cycles of life and reincarnation (whut?) AND LONG STORY SHORT … they really want Shannon to go to Bali too!  Would you come?!  Would you? Would you?  We can all be friends again and do fun things yay!  Poor Shannon, who I’m sure would rather stick needles in her eyes than go to Bali DECIDES TO GO TO BALI because then what would America have to look forward to if Shannon DIDN’T go to Bali?  You know we all need to watch a big ol gigantic fight … in Bali. 

Heather and Tamra are now BFFs again (after being pissed off at each other at least 12 times since the season began) and Vicki is once again changing sides from Tamra to Shannon (just like she did when Tamra became BFFs with Gretchen) … Vicki is now endearing herself to Shannon.  Shannon is making the VERY BIG MISTAKE of trusting Vicki, but considering how Tamra has gotten the axe I guess Vicki feels she needs to make a new BFF and it might as well be Shannon. 

Ah the funny fickle world of reality TV.  Basically, the 6th grade playground on steroids.    




  1. SISTA! DAMN RIGHT it's your duty to keep us in the 411 on these housewives! Loves it! TRAIN WRECK TAMARA IS bye bye!! She needs to Take the JOKER with her! ugh!

    Lizzie is an odd beauty, but a beauty. Looks exactly like a young Sofia! Totally!

  2. Tamra. Stupid fool, you don't bash the boss ever. And, maybe she can join Gretchen on the next season of Marriage Boot Camp or Dumb Bitches that Got Fired.

    I loathe LOATHE Vicki. Ugly inside and out.

    And that surprise Bali trip? How is it a surprise when EVERY FREAKING SEASON they have a special trip where they hope to bond and end up fighting?

    Still ... Tamra HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa


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