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Bethenny Frankel poses in her four year old daughter's pajamas.  WHAT.  THE.  FUCK.

(1)  You do know you look seriously anorexic don't you?
(2)  You do know you look like gristle and bone don't you? 
(3)  What is poor Brynn gonna feel like when she OUTGROWS her pajamas? 
      That she's a big fat pig???  You are sending a seriously sick message.   
I used to really like Bethenny but this is nuts.  Personally, I think she blew her marriage to Jason Hoppy.  He is such a nice and normal guy and she divorced him.  That's gotta say something right there.  It's really sad and maybe Jason should get full custody of baby Brynn.  I mean seriously, who would want to grow up with her for a mother?  She puts on her four year olds pajamas and then takes a picture and posts it ... BECAUSE THEY FIT!!!?????  Gee ... we're all so envious ... you fit into a 4T.
Meanwhile, over in Orange County Tamra is going to be a GRANDMA.  Her ugly Mickey Rooney look-a-like son knocked up his fiancée.  
Are these the ugliest people ever? 
Tamra the loud-mouth who insists she NEVER SAYS ANYTHING BEHIND ANYONE'S BACK.  Girlfriend, you do realize you're on T.V. and we can watch exactly what you said you didn't say?  You do know that right?  
Tamra is a desperately dysfunctional mean girl who is dying to have a baby with her third husband Eddie "Chipmunk Cheeks" Judge (after she already has four kids and two marriages under her belt)  Anywho, in an effort to find out if she and Chipmunk Cheeks are baby ready she ordered one of those mechanical babys who cry and pee 24/7. 

TAMARA ... YOU'RE FORTY-SIX .... GET A GRIP.  You could have saved yourself all that time and trouble if you'd only asked me.  I could have told you straight out ... EDDIE DON'T WANNA HAVE NO KID.  PERIOD.  Crazy broad always wanting get married and procreate.  It's a sickness I tell you.  OH ... and apparently this isn't Mickey Rooney's first spawn.  Apparently he had another baby with another ex-girlfriend so Tamra IS ALREADY A GRANDMOTHER!  Honestly, so many sexually irresponsible people down in the O.C.

Over in Atlanta stud muffin Apollo Nida is heading to the Big House.  They gave him EIGHT YEARS for fraud and a multitude of other serious offenses.  Unbelievable.  This is how smart Phaedra Parks is ...  she marries an ex con, procreates with him - TWICE!  And now he’s heading back to prison.  Brilliant.  According to the web Apollo will be divorcing Phaedra.  He was pretty upset that she didn’t show up at his sentencing and as many an ex-con before him has stated ... he was set up.  (EYES ROLLING). 
GOOD LUCK Apollo.  And don't drop the soap.


Heather Dubrow ... you might wanna rethink the Botox ...

You're starting to resemble ...

                                                  just sayin.


So, as I am wont to do every couple of years or so I am once again going to start exercising and eating less so I don’t look like a baby whale.  To do this I MUST exercise.  I cannot just watch what I eat.  I must exercise AND watch every thing I eat which makes life a great big flippin’ bore.  SO … you all know who I live with.  The uber fit human garbage disposal who lives on Mexican food, Mexican food and ANYTHING ELSE he choses to consume because he CAN and still have the body of an uber fit 25 year old.  Disgusting.  SO guess where he takes me to lunch?  A new discovery of his called HAMBONES … (I’ll leave you to process that for a minute).
So I say to him, I say:  "DANNY, YOU KNOW I CAN’T EAT LIKE THAT. "
Danny:  “WHAT??  It’s BBQ!  BBQ isn’t bad for you!”

Then I get the argument …
Danny:  “But you’re walking again and exercising.”
Me:  “But I can’t exercise and eat like you.  I have to exercise and watch every morsel
         of food I put in my mouth.” 
Danny:  “But you said you wanted BBQ.” 
Me:  "I didn’t say that.  YOU said that." 
See what I live with. 


  1. OMG! I Did not know Tamra's son's (Rumpelstiltskin) finance is pregnant? THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE. Like mother. Like son. She's a mess.

    Heather (JOKER) Dubrow needs to fix it! I am with you.

    Phaedra set up APOLLO totally cause he's a 'cheatin'!

    1. YUP. Preggers. She also has THREE KIDS! It's so weird. It seems as though Ryan is marrying his mother! This gal looks like Tamra, has been divorced like Tamra, has kids like Tamra. Why doesn't he just marry Tamra!? TOO WEIRD.

  2. I so love Bethany! I am so proud of her accomplishments! She suffers for sure with VOICES in her head all demanding drinks (like blog below). Her demons blew it with JASON. That kind of man comes only but once if u are lucky!

    1. I love her too! She really is one of my favorite housewives and I think she's hilarious. But this incident made me say WHUT???? Too weird! Thanks for commenting chica! XOXO!

  3. You seriously make me laugh to the point where I'm glad that my sphincter muscles are still intact. Really, Deb, you need to take this to a higher level somehow. The world needs to know about you!!!!

    1. Higher Level??? I WISH! Like what can a girl do with a funny little blog who likes to vent all the time?! LUV U GURL!

  4. Bethenny is just a plain media whore, anything for attention.
    If Tamara had LISTENED to her gay husband Eddie she would have heard himsay "I don't want children" because he said it.
    Apollo's kinda hot; he make a good prison bitch.
    I like Heather, but Frozen was a cartoon not a facial desire.

    1. You really think Eddie is gay? In any event, I can't stand Tamra ... the girl needs medication and therapy. Apollo is GORGEOUS, but alas a big fat loser and Heather's face DOES look like the Joker's. XOXO

  5. My sister in law would do that to show everyone how "fat" she is. Twisted mentality, for sure.
    It drives me crazy that gay people can't get married everywhere, but these crazy bitches can get married over and over. It's mental.
    I need to start watching what I take in. I accidentally ate two containers of candy this week and a family sized bag of chips. Sigh.

    1. Are you kidding? Girl, I couldn't fit a four year olds pajamas on my finger! You know what I ate just yesterday? Toast with butter and jam, then I had a box of M&M's with peanuts and some popcorn, then I had some caramel corn, then for dinner I had a big old hamburger with fries and a Margarita. Who needs to start watching what she eats!!!???? ME!

  6. Thanks for the update on the OC Housewives. I see nothing has changed....drama...drama....drama.

  7. I agree with Bob’s comment about Bethany.

    I like Heather. She seems to be the only RHOC with any class or manners. Most of the others seem to be white trash with money. Did you know Heather’s husband is on a plastic surgery show with Adrienne’s (RHOBH) ex-husband?


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