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SO, caught the RHOC Reunion Part I and can I just say that Tam-Tam did not come off well at all.  She basically sat there with a sneer on her face the entire time (which really brought out the wrinkles around her eyes and if I were her I would get some more Botox … unless it isn’t helping anymore and we’re in need of an eye lift) and she was surprisingly quiet except for the one time she SHRIEKED at Vicki about HER OPINION!!!!  Good God she should have taken a Valium before filming.  I hate her.

heather dubrow at rhoc reunion

Heather and Terry came off very poorly.  Terry came off like another housewife (a man without a penismaybe he could borrow David Beador’s) and Heather did some serious backpedaling after viewing footage of herself behaving how she insists she didn’t behave, BUT DID.  Can’t argue with that Heather.  When the TRUTH is staring you in the face there ain’t nowhere to go but down. 

Shannon Beador
The Beadors came off VERY WELL.  Calm and collected.  By their even tempered and calm demeanor they were able to expose the real craziness of the Dubrows and Tamra.  (And where was Eddie?  Me thinks he could care less about supporting his “old” lady.  Didn’t want to be embarrassed by her shrieking and possibly popping a vein on camera.  All the other husbands were there to support their women …. Oh oh Tamra … I don’t knooooooow.) 
Vicki is still delusional.  I have never in my life witnessed anyone in such deep denial about her entire life.  She is still hoping that one day Brianna and Brooks will be best friends and they can all be one happy family.  DELUSIONAL.  Perhaps it's better to just let Vicki continue living in her own private Idaho.   
Lizzie came off very well and managed to put Tamra down with class and without nary a swear word.  So much so that Tam-Tam did not have a come back.
WOW Lizzie ... you shut Tamra up! 
Stay tuned for next week when I'll recap Reunion Part II.  Until next week … SMOOCHES!



  1. Tamra did look old. And mean. And OLD.
    Heather, I usually like, but she's becoming very snobby and self-involved; Terry, too.
    I like Shannon and David--he's kinda hot.
    Vicki. I.Loathe.Her. Everything that happens happens to her. Her daughter gets married and it's all about Vicki; her daughter is moving and it's all about Vicki. I remember the season where Vicki's daughter had a cancer scare and Vicki turned it into "What about me?" Plus, could she pick dresses that actually fit and aren't too small?
    Lizzie was kinda beige, except for those Tamra digs.

  2. I agree with Bob, except I still like Heather. Tamra's face looked odd like she had some work done. Lizzie may be beige but I'd bang her husband.


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