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I kind of think this might be my last recap on all things Housewives.  I know I know!!  I've said it before but honestly I am getting so bored with the entire franchise.  Maybe I'm just too old to get into the drama of a bunch of 30 to 40 somethings and maybe I'm tired of the "scripted/reality" set ups.  In any event, it's all become so ridiculous and predictable that I can't do it anymore.  I think I've seen ONE New Jersey episode and Beverly Hills is right around the corner and I could care less.   

With all that said I am really looking forward to the O.C. Reunion.  I'm dying to know if Tamra has really been fired (fingers crossed) and secretly hoping that Vicki goes Porsha on Tamra and drags her ass across the floor by her ugly dried up weave!  (Namaste people). 

Heather and Terry Dubrow have really turned out to be a pair of douche bags.  Terry Dubrow lost his shit and called David Beador a penis ... Wow ... he's really gangsta.  And me thinks that Miss Heather really does need to get the stick outta her ass.  Jeez, I bet when she farts she farts in French.  Oh, and Heather ... Tamra is using you.  Just sayin' hon. 

Crazy Tamra screaming at Lizzie how "Eddie wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole!" ... Maybe not Tam Tam, but that's only because he'd probably rather shag Christian.  Open your eyes Tamster.  And speaking of eyes you should have yours checked out ... I've never known of anyone on the planet earth who could cry without manufacturing any tears. 

Vicki had a baby breakdown saying goodbye to Brianna (who I am sure is still doing cartwheels out of happiness to be away from her cray cray mother) ... I don't feel an ounce of sympathy for that woman she is so shrill and irritating and needs to be locked up in a sanitarium.  However, it was very interesting to see Vicki ALL. A. LONE.  No daughter.  No grandson.  No son-in-law, no son, no husband.  Now she'll have Brooks all to herself so he can lie, lie, lie to her just like like a rug. 

Shannon and David Beador came off very well.  Cool, collected, NORMAL. 

And am I crazy?  I did not know that Danielle (Lizzie’s friend) is a “Housewife”????  I thought she was just along for the ride!  Who knew?
Stay tuned folks!  … Next week should be a doozie ... Reunion Part I

Heather - snob

Terry - douche

Vicki - delusional

Brooks - crazy

Christian - boring

Lizzie - normal

Tamra - narcissist

Eddie - gay



  1. I’m over it too. I think Vicki needs someone to teach her how to dress. Everything she wears is too tight and unflattering. Money doesn’t buy taste.

    1. Agreed. She's like Kim Kardashian ... squeezes her fat ass into clothes that DO NOT FIT.

  2. "Jeez, I bet when she farts she farts in French."

    Thanks for my Daily Spit-Take!

  3. Me too. With all the money in the OC and the mover's and shakers here. How did Bravo come up with the motley crew? The franchise has turned up has beens, hookers, pole dancers, fraudsters, liars & cheats!? Come on Andy Cohen u can do better than this. Now the Melbourne housewives have a little cash! to talk about. Will See!

    1. I haven't watched Melbourne?! Eloise, thank you for always commenting. I really appreciate it!

  4. I think you got your wish about Tamra!!
    I don't watch regularly, just when I stumble upon it. I know enough to know that Vicki DOES wear her clothes too tight!


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