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So this right here is the LAST PLACE ON EARTH you'd find me.  Black Friday.  Masses of people BUYING SHIT. Truthfully, I'm all for a bargain, but if I have to deal with crowds of ANY KIND I'd rather pay full price. 
Is the aggravation of waiting in lines and fighting for stuff your idea of having a good time?  There isn't enough Valium in the world for me to deal with that. 
Here is my theory ... life in 2053.  
The United States of America has now become the world's largest shopping mall.  People from all over the world will fly here to buy shit.  All of the citizens of the USA will be trained in the service industry.  No more doctors, lawyers or Indian chiefs.  We will all be clerks serving the worlds customers.  Don't laugh.  Look at the picture above!  If that doesn't speak volumes, I don't know what does. 


  1. I know Deb....Im telling you I just couldn't believe that the parking lot was packed and I could see crowds in the mall from my car when I dropped Jacqueline off!!! Im talking I dropped her off at 3 am. That is nuts!!! But I must admit when the kids were younger I was one of those crazy people going to find games & toys & dragged my neighbor along with me! But..I at least went the next day in the morning. There is no way you would get me in a mall on Thanksgiving or at 3 am. Im with you at this point I would rather pay full price than go through that crazy shit!!! xo

  2. I'd rather chew GLASS!..Love U, girl. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. We went .... up to Lancaster South Carolina to the Purple Rooster and bought three angels--two for our tree and one as a gift.
    That's as Black Friday as I get.

  4. I'm with you, girl!! NOTHING could get me to that. Black Friday has reached Canada--which is quite the feat. I think it's a strategy from retailers so that we don't cross the border to shop in the US!!

  5. Seriously hilarious, as usual. Thank you for the big laughs. The flat tummie mama--where is her baby? In it's crib howling because it's hungry, while flat tummie mama is taking selfies?? And, I hate J Lo. Right up there with Madge. J Lo is a diva and a meanie. "Do your babies know that you are banging a baby?" OMG Deb--you never cease to make me absolutely howl!!


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