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So apparently Sean Penn flipped out on a fan who took his picture without permission.  WITHOUT PERMISSION.   
I think Sean Penn is an incredible actor but he is also an INCREDIBLE ASSHOLE.  So here is an open letter to Mr. Penn.

Dear Sean Penn:

Why do you have to be so fucken mean to people who want a picture or an autograph?  They’re just excited to see someone famous.  It’s a big deal to regular people when they encounter one of your kind, you dirt bag. 

This is why I never, EVER approach a famous person for an autograph.  I have always been afraid they would humiliate me and then I wouldn’t like them anymore.  The one and only time I approached a celebrity I was in Las Vegas.  I happened to see Tony Curtis playing computer poker.  THE ONLY REASON I approached him was because the night before I saw him on the Arsenio Hall show and he went on and on about how much he LOVED when fans came up to him.  FUCKEN LIAR.  He made me feel SO STUPID.  The least you famous people could do is be nice to the common folk.  So Sean, talented or not, you’re an asshole.  EFF YOU DICKWAD.

Just a regular person who thinks you're an asshole.

NEXT ...
So, my friend Leti emailed me today and said OMG did you see the Kim and Kanye video?!  OMG WTF!?  So OF COURSE I had to check it out. 
Ok, you all know that I HATE rap.  But this was the STUPIDEST rap I have ever heard.  And it is the STUPIDEST video I've ever seen.  
I just cannot get over these two ... they are so incredibly superficial and shallow it is mind-boggling.  They're in love with their own images.  Give both of them a mirror and they'd never stop looking into it.
So I’ll tell you all what I told Leti.  This is the second time I’ve seen Kim in a sex tape.  Once with Ray J, and now with a motorcycle. 

NEXT … Lenny Kravitz … just because … *SIGH*


First we have the Mayor of Toronto smoking crack.  CRACK!  That's some serious shit people.  How does a crack head run a city?  Oops.  Forgot.  Marion Barry.  Was elected.  TWICE.  I don't get it.

Then we have this guy ... Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) taking a leave of absence after pleading guilty to cocaine possessionAnd he's a Republican!  They're usually so straight I'm almost proud of him. 

trey radel press conference

SO ... whenever you're feeling low ... or whenever you feel like you're not good enough/smart enough/accomplished enough ... hold up a mirror and see whose looking back at you.  And if there's not a crack pipe in your hand ... you're doing A-OKAY. 


Smooches Darlings ... until next time!


  1. I like Sean Penn but he is a jerk ... or so I've been told.
    The K's? No. No. And no.
    Lenny .... yum.
    Drug taking politicos? Lock 'em up.

  2. That hideous video only reaffirms that the media whore has no talent other that hunting down paparazzi. Her tits look bigger than the points on a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham front bumper.

    1. I have to say that I am almost in AWE of their superficiality. It ... there are no words for it. It is so immense, it's like a black hole of narcissism.

  3. You are my hero, Deb! I love Sean Penn's work, but I wish that he wasn't an asshole. And Rob Ford....LMAO. However, he's been disgraced with as much dignity as possible. The country has had enough embarrassment. He's been stripped of his powers. xo

  4. Seth Rogan and James Franco spoofed the K and K video!!
    I could not ever be famous, I get how someone could snap.
    Lenny. Mmmmm mm mmmmmm! Fine!


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