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FINALLY! Bruce and Kris Jenner separate ...

and Bruce finds his balls ... in Kris Jenner's purse.  She might let him have them back if he promises not to continue living without checking in with her first. 
Says Kris ... "she will always love him"   and "they're happier this way."  I'd be happy too if I didn't have to deal with a controlling, self-involved, 57 year old adolescent.  And you just know this broad is going to change her name back to Kardashian the first chance she gets she is so desperate to be a Kardashian girl.  So I wonder when we're all going to learn who she's been banging because you KNOW a gal like Kris could never, EVER live without a man to reflect her narcissistic feed.  Can you tell I loathe her? 
On the other hand, I really hope poor old Bruce finds himself a really nice WOMAN (meaning, mature and grown up with a touch of with class) to love and respect him and treat him right.  Twenty-two years with a ball buster has got to take its toll.  So Brucie boy, I wish you the best.  Kris ... I hope you get the clap.
As for the other Kardashians, we haven't seen much of Kimmie lately?????  Is she still fat?  Or is Kanye influencing her?  We've yet to see baby North's pictures plastered all over the Universe which I find very interesting.  P.S.  She is an adorable baby, but not nearly as adorable as my brand new grandson who is BEAUTIFUL and the softest thing I've ever touched in my life!  I never thought I could love something so much!! 
And poor Khloe.  All kinds of problems with her Lammy.  Her divorce announcement will probably be coming shortly. 
Next, Kendall and Kylie.  Kris must make them into the "IT GIRLS" tramps of the millennium.  Poor Bruce.  His little girls will soon be little porn stars if their momager has her way.  Hey, why doesn't Kris just make a sex tape and get it over with???  You know she' dying to  ...  The only problem is ... HOW to make a sex tape with herself.
It'll be very interesting to see how much longer we will be keeping up with the Kartrashians.  My hope -- they'll be OVUH.  Like YESTERDAY.
Until next time ... SMOOCHES!



  1. Poor Bruce and Kris.
    I always hate to see any couple break up, but to see a lesbian couple call it quits somehow hurts more than ... Huh?


    Never mind.

    1. LOCO! Poor ol Bruce does look like an old lesbian doesn't he. He should grow a beard or something. No pun intended.

  2. Bruce's hair is awful! Did you see where Kanye thinks Kim deserved a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? She can act? Who knew. Perhaps she's a sweet woman and not really a money hungry fame/media whore.

    1. Yeah. I'll tell you what, you pour the cement and I'll have her squat in it ... because it's her chucky that is world famous.

  3. You two already said what I was going to write.


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