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So let's get to it shall we?

Giuliana Rancic - love the dress, love the hair, gain some weight JEEZ!  Did you see her shoulder blades?  She got on that 360 camera and her shoulder blades were sticking out LITERALLY LIKE WINGS!  This girl is unbelievably anorexic and someone needs to get her to a doctor like RIGHT AWAY.  She is WAY, WAY too thin.  Grade:  C+

FYI ... This is Giuliana's diet.

Giuliana's  (ridiculous) Diet:4:35am: "Yerba Mate" tea
(that counts as her "pre-workout energy booster")

6:30am: Water with cayenne pepper and lemon
             Followed by green tea
             Followed by a bottle of "
GT's Kombucha
"- "it totally helps with hunger cravings"- Giuliana
(post-workout snack)

Now, any personal trainer will tell you that before working out, your body needs some carbs to burn. Even if its just a couple of spoons of Oats. It gives your body something to kick start its "fat burning mode". After working out, your body needs some protein to keep it going, helping your muscles to build, instead of being burnt up by all that exercise. Even if it is a low-carb protein drink. Your body needs it.

7:15am: ORGANIC Grapefruit
             Followed by an egg white omlet, no cheese, green veg only
             "And I ALWAYS say NO BUTTER, NO OIL...instead tell them to cook it in a light mist of Pam cooking spray. Tell them your allergic to butter so that they don't slip it in there like a lot of places do. If they don't have Pam spray, then tell them to use just a DROP or two of Oil!!!" -Giuliana 

(a drop or two?  Why put any oil at all?  You're nuts Giuliana) 

No wonder she couldn't get pregnant.  This girl is STARVING!

NEXT ...

Heidi Klum.  I'm surprised she wore clothes.  Lately she's been on a mission to photograph herself naked here, there and everywhere.  As for this (cough cough) gown ... All I'll say is ... all that is missing are the red satin devil horns.  Grade:  F- 
p.s.  I can't stand Heidi.  I wish she would GET LOST.

Padma Lakshmi.  I don't like this chick.  Don't really know why, I just don't.  BUT, she does look amazing.  This is beautiful, sleek, modern.  Grade:  A.
Tina Fey.  Tina never quite nails it for me.  Always too simple.  Hair - blah, dress - blah, jewels - blah.  Overall grade - BLAH.  C-
I wish she'd take a risk.  Jazz up the hair, do something wild and sexy.  She always looks much too tame.  

OK.  To me Ireland Baldwin is almost pretty.  Her mother, Kim Basinger was and is GORGEOUS and SEXY.  Daughter, not so much.  I mean she's not ugly.  But she's not beautiful.  A least not to me.  Plus she's only like 17 but she looks 34.  Dress is pretty.  I guess she looks okay.  I hate nepotism.  She wouldn't be here if here folks weren't who they were.  Overall grade:  B (and I'm being nice).


Don't know who the gal in the blue is, but Julianna Margulies is in the white and black.  She ALWAYS nails it.  Looks fabulous and chic.  Grade:  A

Amy Pohler.  Well, since Linda Lou already texted me saying that Amy Pohler and Melissa Leo should just make up their minds to be lesbians, I have no idea what to say about Amy' dress.  NO grade. 

Anna Faris.  Uh ... it sure is bright.  Like NEON bright.  The hair ... I don't like it.  It looks fake.  Don't like the platinum color or the bangs.  Am also not feeling the lizard pin at the back ... why?  Grade:  D.

Anna Gunn of Breaking Bad.  I've never seen this program though I hear it is fabulous.  I LOVE this gal's dress.  Love the hair.  Love everything.  I hear she was a winner as well.  Good for her.  As for me ... she gets an A+

Okay.  I don't know who this actress is but let me say this ..., her dress looks like she's packing a parachute. What's with the straps and the belt and the buttons and the junk at the neck.  Ay yi yi.  And the hair ... couldn't she have run a brush through it?  You're at an award show darling ... show a little care.  Grade:  D-

Christina Hendricks looks quite beautiful but the boobs seriously need to be reduced.  They add 30 lbs to her.  I mean look at the side shot!  Those suckers are HUGE.  Curvy, schmurvy ... those boobs just make her look fat.  And she's TOO white.  Get a tan.  Grade:  B-

Elisabeth Moss.  At first I really liked this but on second thought it really is kind of plain.  And the sequence looks kind of big.  Like cheap.  I do think she looks really good with blonde hair.  Grade:  B.

Jon Hamm and girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt.  Jon needs to trim down that beard.  He looks like a caveman.  she looks adorable.  I love the orangy-red color of that dress.  Grade:  A+ and special mention as Cutest Couple.

Judd Apatow and wife Leslie Mann.  I LOVE her.  I think she's really pretty and looks adorable.  However, the dress is kind of plain.  It looks like one of those long dresses you wear in the summer with a pair of flip-flops.  But because I like her, I'm giving her an A.  

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.  She kind of always looks the same to me.  Very form fitting, simple gowns.  Nothing exciting.  I guess I'll give her a B though I wish she'd try something different once in a while.  Take a fashion risk Julia.  Please.  Shake it up.  Put some layers in your hair or get some bangs going.  Grade:  A

Julianne Hough.  I think this girl is GORGEOUS.  However, there is no reason to look so blue Julianne ... I know you're not with Ryan Seacrest any more but that should give you more reason to smile), now let's get to the dress.  Uh ... the fabric is beautiful, color is beautiful, dress ... NOT so beautiful.  I don't know??? What is it?  Off the shoulder with a baggy mess at the bust, then big girl panties you can see through the sheer skirt.  Just ALL WRONG.  Sorry Julianne but I'm going to have to give you an F.  It's really bad.

 Julie Bowen.  Pretty ... a little too much frou-frou at the bottom.  Grade:  B

This red carpet had that white background which was distracting.  For instance, you can't really see the detail in this dress.  I can't tell whether I like it or not.  

I've said it a thousand times ... GET RID OF THE FUCKEN LAVANDER HAIR!  UGH.  The dress is very 1930's but I don't like it in red.  Go figure.  I'm giving Kelly an F until she dyes her hair a normal color.

Kerry Washington.  I guess it's a pretty dress but it looks like it has a bunch of Kleenex and cotton balls attached to it.  And doesn't her head look ENORMOUS?  Grade:  C-

Lena Dunham.  Super Talented, I LOVE her but this dress is a DISASTER.  Lena!  Get a stylist!  You look like you're wearing drapes.  And tats are NEVER attractive on a lady.  Just sayin'.  Grade:  F-     (but I really love you Lena!)

Malin Ackerman.  Really gorgeous.  Very movie starfish (except for the hint of tat on her back - ugh), but other than that I'm going to give her an A.  (This horrible white background ruined the look of all the gowns!)

Maria Menounos.  This is one sexy girl.  Great body, beautiful face.  I'd kill for those knockers.  Grade:  A+

Michael Douglas solo.  WOW.  Thank God you left your old lady at home.  I know they're separated and all, but Catherine Zeta Jones bugs me.  She ALWAYS looks like a matron.  She dresses like a 60 year old woman. 

Paul Abdul.  You look like a no-neck bobble head.  And your dress looks like it doesn't fit.  Someone like you should be able to afford alterations.  It's wrinkled and baggy and too big and that neck is gross.  What the hell were you thinking?  Sorry Paula but you're getting a big, fat F.  And your head looks too big. 

Rose Byrne.  PERFECTION.  The best at the Emmy's.  Grade:  AAA - love this!

Ms. Sarah Silverman looking quite sexy.  I'm gonna give her an A+.  WINNER WINNER WINNER!

Sofia Vergara.  Nothing new here.  Same dress she always wears but in a different color.  She has a great body but I'd like to see her do something different.  I'm giving her a C for not being original and resorting to type

What the fuck is this?  Her boobs are blindfolded, the fabric is a swirl of pink and black and gray with a weird white bib???  ... It's a mess.  Grade:  F- to the negative of 12.  UGLEEEEEE.

Zooey Deshanel.  LOVE THIS!  She looks adorable.  Love the gown, the hair, the entire look.  Very pretty.  Grade:  A+

Claire Danes.  Claire, never, ever, EVER wear a dress that makes you look like a man.  Where is your chest?  You don't wear something this low and revealing unless you can produce some cleavage.  This is not a good look okay?  The dress might have been pretty but this is a disaster.  I'm so sorry but I MUST give you a D.  Next time work with what you have.    

So that's my Emmy best and worst.  I hope you enjoyed it.  If you have anyone you'd like to mention that I didn't, feel free to shoot me a comment.
In all honesty, I didn't even watch the Emmy's this year, I just caught the pre-show Red Carpet Arrivals.  Somehow the Emmy's don't get me as excited as the Oscars.  Now THAT'S an award show.  So until next time loves,


  1. Wow, you were really generous with Claire Danes. I would have given that an F. I thought Angelina was the one with the double mastectomy. Holy crap, if you have no boobs, WHY would you wear that???

    Tina Fey's done worse in the past. Remember that one year when she showed up in 1950s fugly?

    Kelly Osbourne... save the gray hair for your 80s. I don't get it.

    And finally, Lena Dunham. How does anyone let her go out in public like that? Were they thinking, "Well, at least she's wearing clothes"? To every young girl thinking of getting a tattoo... One word: DON'T!

    As always, great job, Debbie!

  2. Oh, and P.S. You were smart not to watch the actual Emmys show. WORST EVER!

  3. Giuliana Rancic looks like a push pin; gain some weight before your head makes you tip over.
    Heidi Klum looks like she's being choked. Not a good look.
    Padman Lakshmi. Loved the dress; sleek and sexy.
    Tina Fey. At least it wasn't black?
    Ireland Baldwin. Still wearing the face she made when her daddy called her a little pig. Not quite as beautiful as she thinks she is.
    Julianna Margulies looks like a Rorschach Test and Amy Poehler looks like she has actual saddle bags.
    Anna Gunn in B&W makes Elizabeth Moss' B&W seem cehap and old.
    The girl in the lace thing. No. No. No.
    Julia louis-Dreyfus plays it safe but always looks good, while Julianne Hough is just trying too hard. Your film flopped, your gay boyfriend dumped you. Time to rebrand.
    Julie Bowen? Jona rivers said the bottm looked like vaginas; Kate Mara is sexy cool; Kelly is old lady in lavender hair.
    Kerry Washington not so much.
    Lena Dunham should have left the couch fabric on the couch.
    Paula Abdul looks like a cheap aged drag queen, while Rose Byrne is way too skinny.
    Claire Danes looks like her boobies stayed home. Sarah Silverman bought her dress online for $60--true story.
    Zosia Mamet looks like a What Was She Thinking pic with the black bar on her boobs instead of her face!

    1. I WAIT FOR YOUR COMMENTS ALL THE TIME! LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! Giuliana Rancic looks like a push pin?!?!! But she DOES. Hilarious as always Bobster.


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