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You know when you "friend" people on Facebook and everything they post on their wall will appear on your wall?  Well.  Someone who is obviously against Obama and Obamacare, posted a picture on their wall that showed up on my wall that was so horrible and so racist of President Obama I was shocked.  I thought about posting the picture but decided not to because it would be promoting someone's hateful agenda.  It was so degrading I could not believe that anyone would actually post such a picture.

This went WAY beyond Democrats / Republicans / Conservatives / Liberals.  It was hateful.  Whether you like the man or not, he is the President.  And if you're going to pull the race card when commenting on the President speaks volumes about who YOU are.  I would imagine that anyone who could post something like that and/or hold such derogatory opinions of the first black President is probably someone who hates that we no longer live life like those lucky folks who lived during the 1860's when slaves were slaves and whites were whites and everyone knew their place.  A person of conscious would never post a picture like that because a person of conscious has heart, compassion, intellect.  Only a racist could post a picture like that.   

President Obama has disappointed me too.  But I realize that these men in Washington are politicians and they ALL HAVE AN AGENDA and it is not about YOU.  With that said, I have NEVER seen such hatred for a President, ever.  And I believe it is because he is not white.  The congress has fought this President on EVERYTHING.  The Tea Party and the conservative pundits have been very vocal about wanting him to fail.  These folks would bite off their own nose to spite their face.  They want him to fail so badly that they don't care if the entire country suffers because of it ... can you say SHUTDOWN? 

And please do not send me angry comments about Obamacare.  This is not about Obamacare.   You don't have to like the President, that's ok.  You may not be a Democrat, that's ok.  You may disagree with Obamacare, that's ok.  My message is that posting something like what I saw today IS WRONG and could ONLY be posted by a racist, and that to me is sadder than sad.  That there are people in 2013 ... the 21st Century, who still believe that posting derogatory, racist and demeaning pictures of a black man who is also the leader of the free world, is OK.  IT'S NOT. 


  1. I am continually appalled at the racist rhetoric that I see about Obama. We (Canadians) as a nation, who are made up of many cultures, cannot believe how toxic people are, and how base instincts have eclipsed critical thinking. What was the Civil Rights Movement for? We know that racism's just that I thought, or hoped, that there were lessons learned and more enlightened people that prevailed. It is frightening, disheartening, depressing, and shocking to see evidence that not much has changed over 1000's of years. Really. Any time any president wasn't "being successful" in the past, it was NEVER blamed on race. Would there be this attitude if Obama had British origins? Doubtful. I have learned that people rarely give up their beliefs, and if they do, it is usually when they are confronted with an experience that puts them right into the very situation that they have condemned. It's beyond frightening that a nation that has led the world is showing itself/is seen now as a nation of total ignorance by the rest of the Western world. It must be incredibly frustrating for those who are enlightened and see this as a shameful situation. I am truly sorry for you and your country's wonderful people, Deb. My American family/friends are in deep mourning/grief with this as well.

  2. It really is shameful Eenie. But here is something that IS hopeful ... He was elected TWICE so obviously there are more good and fair minded people than racist hateful people. But man oh man, when they hate him, they really HATE him. It is so ugly. If you had seen the picture, it would make you sick. I've seen some ugly stuff but this particular pic was painful to look at. Thank you my love for commenting!

    1. Deb, I agree--there are more good people than bad--it's just that the ones that hate seem to put things off-balance so that we forget that there are more good than bad. Thank God! I think that you should obliterate whoever posted that pic--unless you aren't connected FB-wise.

    2. YES. I already did ... but not before I tried to find any last comments! When I check his FB he had posted a picture of Uncle Sam giving Obama the finger. ... But he's NOT racist. Right.

  3. As a white conservative I must reply...I didn't see what was published & I believe you it was disgusting! Yes there sure are those people out there no two ways about it. But I have to say I don't agree with much else said. Im also tired of the race card that is used that conservative want to block everthing and it is because he is not white. I hope they do block most everything cause I/we don't agree with his policies & what he wants to do. I find him extremely liberal way to the left...not a leader....will not come to the center..will not negotiate..that is why Im happy when they block not cause he is black but because of that. I don't consider myself a tea party person although I do agree with alot of it but certainly not all. I don't think Bush was a great president but I can tell you they mocked him, degraded him like no other too. Im tired of hearing about all these white people that hate him cause he is black & im tired of Al Sharpton using the race card. I/we many of us are happy a black man was finally president just not this one cause of his beliefs not the color of his skin. Now are there people that feel that way of course...but not the majority. Just because we hate his policies doesn't mean we hate the color of his skin....Im just a white conservative tired of it being assumed Im a racist cause I basically dont like most of what our president is doing & I try my best to really stay informed as much as I can...hope you still love me Deb but I hate to voice myself. xoxo Susan

  4. Good morning Debbie,

    It has been a long time since I've visited much to catch up on! I was in California for just a few days back in June, staying with my cousin and auntie. I agree with you that many of the angry remarks people make are an opportunity for them to do and say what they really want to say, and that is to show their hate. Obamacare and other issues are just an excuse to talk about what they really hate.

    Thank you for coming to visit my post. It's just a poem about my mom.

    Have a lovely day - gotta run to school! Anita

  5. I have defriended friends for their racism disguised as a political ideal, and I have also defriended a family member for the same thing.
    I get that some folks don't like him, but keep the racism out of it if you wanna have a REAL discussion.

  6. Hey where did my comments go...did it twice...well guess no one wants to hear from a white conservative girls:)

  7. I totally get you Susan. And that was the whole point of my post. You don't have to like him or his policies, but when I saw the picture on my Facebook page of President Obama dressed like an African witch doctor ... I thought that that was horrible. It IS racist and only a racist would post such a picture. That is not to say that I think EVERYONE who disagrees with the President is racist. CERTAINLY NOT. But those that reach for that lowest common denominator in order to "express" their dislike of him and his policies prove they lack the ability to intelligently support their position.

    I'm with you ... if I saw an off color staetment or photograph of George Bush or another conservative, I am fairly certain I would be equally angered. There is a limit to what is satire and plain degrading. What I saw was plain degrading. Thank you for commenting Suse.


  8. Hey! Just wanted to say hi. I've been gone so long. Glad to know you are still here. Going to catch up on your posts now. Ciao

    1. DIVAMOM!!!! Where have you been?! Thanks so much for coming by. Yup, I'm still here LOL!

  9. Well you may see a similar repeat of what I said & then me saying "hey where is my post I put it in twice"....goes to show you how Im not at all in the tech when you see it just have a laugh on me! xo Susan

  10. (Hopefully my comment will work, posting from my iPad is a challenge)
    As a Canadian, I find it shocking when I go to the US, to see all the racism and fear. The white people fear the black people, the black people fear the white people and everyone has a gun because they have to protect themselves and their families and their stuff from THEM, whoever they are. There is such a cosmic divide between wealthy and poor and left and right, it blows my mind every time.

    The Internet gives people a false sense of bravery. You can bet the house on the person who posted that on Facebook would never walk up to a black person on the street and show that kind of bigotry. The Internet provides a safe haven for haters.

    I also find it interesting when people have to constantly state their beliefs, "I'm a white conservative", "I'm a black Liberal," "I'm a Christian who is conservative but leans to the left." It's crazy.

    We're all humans first.

  11. So true. I wondered if the guy who posted the disgusting picture would send it to any of his black friends. IF he has any black friends. Which he wouldn't. Because he's a racist. Thanks for commenting :)


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