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VIGGO ... *sigh*

It's all my fault!  It is!  Because I am a compulsive stalker I have Google Alert email me anytime there is anything new on my boyfriend.  Well .... Google alerted me last night with some disturbing information ... apparently, there is talk that my boyfriend has secretly married.  Yes.  MARRIED.  To HER.  That woman who stole him away from me.  

BUT, since Viggo rarely comments on his personal life it is anyone's guess whether this is true or not.  I'm in a panic.  It sent me into trolling mode.  Google-ing, Bing-ing, and Yahoo-ing all over the internet to find out what I could.  There was nothing other than "rumors" and even the "rumors" were few.  I ran across a story that Viggo had been tweeting fans to pray for his dog who was having surgery.  This CANNOT be true.  Viggo would NEVER have a Tweet account.  He is far too private to tell the world at large his every movement.  

I do know that he has been living with HER in Madrid.  It is ridiculous that the possibility of his marrying could make me so sad but I feel that he is mine ... in my mind.  On the other hand, Viggo needs a woman.  He really does ... he doesn't know how to dress himself very well.  All unmatching ties and scuffed shoes with Armani suits.  And in all honesty, I can totally see what he sees in HER.  She's an artist.  An actress, intelligent.  Creative.  AND she's an Aquarian ... like his ex-wife, but more importantly, like ME, which confirms, once again, that he and I would be 100% compatible (as our love in the ether has confirmed over and over again).

So, until I read something "official" I will try to remain calm.  

I will notify you all as soon as I hear anything.  Please cross your fingers and send me positive energy.  I will most definitely need it.  

You may not hear from me for a while for I must ... I ABSOLUTELY MUST, venture back into the ether to find him for we have to discuss this cruel rumor.  I will report as soon as possible. 


  1. I feel the same way every time I see John Mayer dating someone. Breaks my married heart.

  2. What's wrong with us?!?!?!?!

  3. DEBBIE! You darling woman, you. I cannot help but think of that magical day and evening that we spent with you, Marie, Bunny and the rest of the gang two years ago. We had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Debbie and we laughed all day and night.

    THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT MY POST! HOW ARE YOU? Ruben says hello and unfortunately is no longer blogging due to being so busy with his teaching job. We have such fond memories of when all of us were blogging.

    TELL ME, HOW would you answer that question I have on my post? You are so talented, just GO FOR what your heart is telling you to pursue. I have resigned from my full-time teaching job and as I chip away at my vision on a daily basis, things are starting to unfold, one thing after another, and it is all GREAT.

    Thank you again for visiting! BE WELL and lots of love, Anita

    1. You are amazing Anita and I am happy to hear that your dreams are unfolding and your new life is revealing itself. Beautiful.

      I think there are many things I would do if I weren't afraid. The first one being to get myself educated.

      Your post really spoke to me. Email me at home. I want to know how your new life is panning out! I'm really curious. Sorry that Ruben is no longer blogging but I'm sure it won't be for long. Please give him my best. Love you so much Anita.


  4. DEBBY!

    Here, here is my email:

    When you can, drop me a quick note and I will go back to you!

    I am home at the moment but will be leaving shortly to pick up Ruben from work then off to the local mall for our daily walk/climb up the stairs!

    I am so thrilled to know what you would do if YOU WERE NOT AFRAID....the good news is that what you would do is not out of reach.


  5. Get rid of the stalker alert girl. Sometimes fantasy is way better than reality.


  6. OH....Im sorry you have a broken heart!!!

  7. Oh, Deb, I so know how you feel! It's been a while....Enid from Canada....I have been following them as well. Actually, she seems like a really nice lucky she is. She has stolen him from us, lol. He's really got some great work going on!! You are SO RIGHT about his clothes. How can she let him dress like that? You see him in the same things that he's been in for years. Sometimes he looks pretty cool--perhaps she advises him on those days! And when he grows facial hair he looks way too old and craggy. I hope that you are doing's been a while since I've howled at your blog.

    1. Enid! So good to hear from you! How are you my friend? Well, I'll tell you, when I first read it I was soooooo heartbroken! LOL - is that crazy or what? But, we must keep in mind that it is still rumor ... I haven't been able to find anything out. But you know Viggo and his privacy. For all we know they are married with a baby on the way! I'd kill myself LOL! And I do like her because she's not a bimbo but ... she still has stolen my boyfriend away :(

      Here's some fun news though ... I am going to a screening of "Todos Tenemos Un Plan" this Friday in Hollywood. Viggo will not be there, but the director will and she will be participating in a Q&A after the movie. I'll post about it. Thanks for commenting girlfriend!


  8. ....and besides....who would want to be married to Viggo and have to keep it a secret??!! I'm certain the rumour is bogus!

  9. Oh, Deb!! LOL--I can't imagine a bambino. She's got 2 kids & Viggo is busy with work for the next 2 years!! That is SO great that you're going to a screening of Todos Tenemos Un Plan!! You'll have to give all the deets. His next movie, The Two Faces of January, with Ms. Dunst, looks really interesting (it will be nice to hear him in his native language and I have to say, I love him best clean-shaven--finally!), and he's signed up with David Cronenberg again to do Maps of the Stars, with Rachel Weisz & Robert Incisors Pattinson. I tried to get away to TIFF to see him, but it was right near the beginning of the term and no could do (I teach ESL). BTW--I HATE Madge too. I know that she's really got great stuff going on, and I admire her skills, but she is mean and not taking her aging well.

  10. Ok, can I just say how normal I feel right now! You know everything about Viggo that I know LOL!!! Yeah - Maps of the Stars sounds really good! Can't wait for Two Faces of January - sounds like a great storyline. Also, I read that they are not going to do Part 2 to Eastern Promises and I was so bummed! I loved that character Nikolai. So good to know I am not the only Viggo crazed stalk-arazzi LOL. I will definitely post about the movie. Thanks for visiting! You are one of my most loyal followers! Love you!

  11. Deb, I know! I love you too--because I GET you!! LOL. I can't believe how I still follow this man!! I mean, I have this normal, full life, and everyone knows about my obsession with this man!! I'm a frikking mental health professional-turned-ESL teacher, the mother and mother-in-law of a wonderful 29-year old son and lovely daughter-in-law, with 2 grandchildren!!!! Whenever I read your posts, I know that we're from exactly the same era. The things that you love/hate in life, I absolutely always agree with!! It seems that when I wasn't working (from 07-11) though, I really went "stalkarazzi" (love that!!). Now that I'm working again, not as much, but enough to keep up with things. Yeah--I'm disappointed about them not doing a sequel to Eastern Promises...thought it was going to be a done-deal. But, as Viggo has said--usually sequels aren't good. xoxox Enid

  12. We DO!! We gotta have tee many martoonies and share our passions re life and can you IMAGINE the convo re our BF??!!! Hmmm???

  13. Tried to post a profile pic....won't work...?!?

  14. Enid my friend ... no worries. I KNOW you're beeyootiful!

  15. Hee hee. Hey--you're seeing the film soon, right??

  16. SAW IT! LOVED IT! Am working on a post as we speak. XOXO

  17. Yes!!! I looked for your post yesterday!! I've been so curious about it--looks so interesting!! xoxo


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