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A RANT (on certain persons that piss me off)

So, we all my know of my hate for (1)Rush Limbaugh and (2) Ann
Coulter.  After Debate No. 3 wherein President Obama basically bitch slapped Governor Romney, the vile Ann Coulter said "I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard." 

I'll say it again .... "I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard."


Dearest Ann:

I have so many reasons to hate your comment but the BIG ONE is that my beautiful 26 year old stepdaughter has Downs Syndrome.  Now, normally I don't get my panties in a twist over "retard" comments.  I really don't.  But because you are such a hate monger and obviously have no soul I feel perfectly justified in stating how much I hate you, so much so that if something really horrible happened to you I really don't think I'd feel a thing.  That's a lot of hate.  And just think ... I am only ONE person of so, so many who feel the same.   

My stepdaughter (or "retard") as you would identify her is one of the most NORMAL, LOVING, GENEROUS, PURE, FUNNY, TENDER human beings I have ever known in my entire life of living and I am greatly offended Ms. Coulter because the word "retard" to you means STUPID, NO BRAINS, UNINTELLIGENT, CHILDLIKE MORON when in fact it is YOU, Ms. Coulter, who are a STUPID, NO BRAINED, UNINTELLIGENT, MORON.  And the sickest thing is that you get PAID to be a STUPID, NO BRAINED, UNINTELLIGENT MORON which should call into question all sorts of other points such as the power of the media, the right winged hate machine, and the joke that politics and serious discourse have become in the 21st century world of hype, B.S. and shock talk.  

I know, I know ... you didn't mean "retard" like that.  But you said it, and you said it to shock, because your vocabulary does not contain bigger, better, more descriptive words to describe your feelings re Obama's debate performance.  Retard was the first thing that popped into your mind.  Ann ... weighing ones words, thinking before speaking ... are signs of a "thoughtful, literate" speaker.  Any 7th grader could come up with retard.  Unbelievable.  

I truly wonder how you sleep at night.  But then I remembered ... vampires sleep during the day.  


and p.s.  I hope you get diarrhea on air while the whole word watches as liquid excrement exits your anal cavity instead of where it usually exits from ... your mouth.  

That's all.


  1. I realize she is offensive, but I seriously think she Tweets what she Tweets and writes what she writes so people will talk about her.
    I never mention her so then maybe if we all followed suit, she'd just go away.

    PS I would imagine your step-daughter could teach "That Woman" a thing or two.....

  2. You didn’t say it so I will. Ann is a cunt. I wish your stepdaughter could bitch slap her.

  3. Now I'd pay to see that! My gorgeous girl bitch slapping Ann Coulter ... on T.V. for the world to see! ONLY, my girl would never, EVER do anything so cruel, she couldn't. It's not in her. However, I COULD. :)

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