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just when I think I'm out ... THEY PULL ME BACK IN!!!! Literally. Last night, after doing all of my chores I went upstairs to relax, turned on the t.v. and the Miami Housewives were on. Oh no. Please god ... I didn't want to watch, I really didn't. I tried and I tried but they got me ... and I watched, riveted, as as Phillippe asked Marysol "for her hands".

Marysol (is this broad right here) ....
who in a matter of time will look something like this:

But that is not what GOT me. What GOT me was the ring he gave her. It was this effin RIDICULOUSLY big ring, like I could not stop laughing because it was sooooooo fuckin' big and gaudy and tasteless and you KNOW she's all proud of it cause it's BIGGER THAN ANYBODY ELSES IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and I kept elbowing Danny to WAKE UP AND LOOK AT THIS THING ... zzzzzzz. Okay, But just let me ask you guys ... what's the difference between this one

and this one?

And not to be mean but ... don't you think Marysol's mother looks like that kid from Mask?

separated at birth?

What do you think?

And that's all folks



  1. I have seen a few episodes of this program too. These ladies are just as mean, caddy, pretentious, self-centered, materialistic, and self absorbed as all of the rest. As for the first question you asked, to some the size of the ring is more important than what should be important, like the love and life long commitment a person makes to their spouse. In short, its all about ego. As for the second question you asked, OMGosh, that poor woman's face is a wreck! Her head is huge and she must have had lots of bad Botox, collagen, and silicone injections. She should sue whomever did that to her.
    My question to you is this: Are you gonna keep watching the show???????????
    Love ya,

  2. MASK!!! OMG, you are going straight to hell. See ya there, sister! Hahahaha!

  3. OMG! What happened to that poor woman's face!?! And Marysol may get her hand chopped off one day.....

  4. OMG DEBBIE...U ARE too funny!..Marysol's mom...too scary! WHAT on earth happened to her?

    However, i am done with them..not cool crulety to animals scene. Shame Shame on BRAVO for that to celebrate that type of barbaric behavior.

    There's a time and place, and slaughtering animals as a celebration of a culture for entertainment is just, WRONG!

    No more late night with MIAMI!


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