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Every year we get this crazy right wing rhetoric about "the war on Christmas."   There is no war on Christmas people.  There never was and there never will be.  I think the crazy Christians are so determined to be persecuted (about anything) that they make this crap up in order to prove that they ARE, in fact, being persecuted. 

Below is my post from last year ...


It's that time of year again.  Bill O'Reilly has started his annual fight against the so-called "War on Christmas."

At least that's what the right wing pundits LOVE to say.  However, I do not see any evidence of this.  I see Christmas trees everywhere, and Christmas lights, and Holiday Greetings and Nativities and all sorts of stuff that is related to Christmas.  WHERE is the war against Christmas?  I think it is just something the right wing loves to spew because there IS no war on Christmas and they want us to THINK there is a war on Christmas when NO SUCH THING exists.  If it did, I’d have to move to another country because that would really scare me.  See.  I'm a liberal and I LOVE Christmas.  My office has a Menorah and a Christmas tree.  That doesn’t seem like a war on Christmas to me.  My office building has a gigantic 15 foot Christmas tree with Christmas balls and garland and lights.  That doesn’t sound like a war on Christmas to me either.  So, Right Wing Instigators of Terror, STOP IT.  There IS NO WAR on Christmas.  When you’re arrested for having a Christmas tree THEN I would say, you might have a war against Christmas.  But until then, SHADDUP!

IT IS NOW 2015 ... and the war on Christmas has once again began ...
See ... War on Xmas (EYES ROLLING)

Dear Christian People:

You are NOT persecuted.  You will never be persecuted.  Not like Christians were persecuted in the days of Christ.  First of all, I don’t think you could handle that kind of persecution.  Especially considering that there were no internet or cell phone cameras to capture your said persecution. 

You wouldn’t be able to film yourselves being thrown to lions and torn apart by wild animals.  THAT is persecution.  A fucking red cup is NOT persecution.  It's a fucking red cup.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Therefore, your persecution is invalidated.  Get that?  NULLIFIED.  WORTHLESS.  STUPID.

So I suggest you put your big girl panties on and get on with it.  Why don’t you start LOOKING FORWARD.  Read the Gospels and ... I don't know .... feed the poor or something?  Love your neighbor?  You know.  That stuff that Jesus said.  Thank you.

NEXT ...

You mean like gun wielding nutcases shooting innocent people while attending a movie or praying at church?  Lawlessness like that?  Or lawlessness like mmmmm closing a bridge and creating all kinds of chaos because you’re pissed off? 
Either way Mr. Christie … You’re eating way too many donuts sir.  The sugar is beginning to affect your brain.

(... see ... nothing happened.)


  1. RAMEN, girl! much ado about nothing, making mountains out of molehills these xstains be.

  2. I loved how the persecutors become the persecuted once a year.

    I cannot wait util New Years Day when they go back to hating the LGBT community, and all other faiths, and the Obamas, and forget this whole "Poor us. It doesn't say Merry Christmas on mt latte" bull shiz.

    Oh, and by the way Christians? It has NEVER said Merry Christmas on the cup. EVER.

  3. "GOP Email Scandal Explodes As Chris Christie Accused of Hiding 9,428 Emails " Politico....Chris Christi...GOOD BY!


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