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Years ago when I was unemployed and had lots of time to devote to my blog I can honestly say that I wrote some of my best stuff.  I wrote some really funny shit.  Now my writing consists of little sound bites if you will, about current events, things that bug me, and the usual B.S. I have to say, nine times out of ten, I KNOW I can write a hell of a lot better but I don't have the time to dedicate to my blog and I just want to get something down so that my blog doesn’t somehow disappear into the ether forever. 

However, it is now time to get serious.  

The Presidential election cycle is upon us and it is a circus.  No sarcasm intended or needed.  It IS a circus.  `

Is THIS what has become of America? Candidates who are unhinged and spouting nonsense? Blathering about pyramids built for storing grain?  Building a wall and bombing the shit outta people?  Really?  We have a bunch of fools  running for president, and a bunch of other fools think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread.  It's embarrassing. 


Take Donald Trump ... the man is obviously unstable.  He’s never been a serious candidate and he knows it.  But he doesn’t care because he is enjoying all the attention he’s getting from the blacks and the Mexicans, who, according to him, love him. 

Donald ... I'm Mexican-American and I do not love you.  And sorry to burst your bubble, but none of my people love you either.  You are obviously suffering from malignant narcissism with a smattering of Tourette’s Syndrome.  You have said NOTHING about what you are going to DO for the country and you have no plan other than starting up a database to identify and mark Muslims, building a wall to keep the Mexicans out, and beating up black people who disagree with you because they're obnoxious and need to have the shit kicked out of them.  Your words my friend, not mine.  So yes ... you say you have a plan ... you won't say what it is but it’s a good one.  According to you.

Also, you have quite a messed up record when it comes to marriage and fidelity.  And you know what they say ... if a man can lie to his wife .... just sayin.  First you marry Ivana, a Czechoslovakian girl.  You have three children with her and then you start banging Marla Maples.  Knocked her up (even though Marla got pregnant accidentally on purpose) but you were still an idiot for not using protection.  Whatever.  You marry her for five minutes, then you divorce her and now you're married to your third wife with whom you have a son, Baron.  (Really Donald.  Why didn't you name him King or Prince?  Or Urmajesty ... ) and wife no. 3, the tall, blonde, leggy Melania is from Yugoslavia.  Hey?  Is she here legally? 

You've filed bankruptcy more than I have ... WHICH IS NEVER.  AND, you are a yellow, cowardly bastard who dodged the draft and THAT right there is reason enough for me NOT to vote for you you pussy.  

If I were president, all narcissistic billionaires with orange tans and comb-overs would be rounded up and branded with a mark so others would know who they were .... then, Donald, I'd put you away, temporarily of course, until we had a nice juicy war, whereupon I would call upon you to do me a service.  What was it you said about ISIS?  Oh Yeah ... You'd bomb the shit outta them?  That's the job I'd have you do.  Fight for the country you are promising to make great again and for which you were unable to fight for back in the 1960's when Vietnam was raging because you had a yellow stripe running down your back.  Then I'd keep you there.  Indefinitely.  And then, maybe when your hair turned white, I'd let you come home.  BUT you wouldn't be able to live with the rest of NORMAL society.  We'd have to find a special place for you.  I'll have to think about that for a bit, but I promise, you'd be very happy there.  Maybe I could put provide some Eastern European women to keep you company?  You like them right?  Only these women would be old and have no teeth.      

NEXT ....
  Ben Carson.  This fella is really tricky for me.  My question is this ... how can a brilliant neurosurgeon be such a whack job?  Ben … the pyramids were not built to store grain.  They were built as tombs for the Pharaohs.  Did you study history at all?  Now, it seems you’ve also lied about your full scholarship to West Point.  And then you jump on the bandwagon with Donald Trump about video of American Muslims inappropriately celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11.  But then you can't be sure WHERE these Muslims were ... in New Jersey or some middle eastern country.  This is troubling Ben.  How are you going to know who to attack, if God forbid, it should come to that?  Afghanistan is not in New Jersey.   

Kasich seems to be the most reasonable.  That’s probably why everyone thinks he’s an idiot.  And oddly enough, I like Rand Paul.  Both these candidates at least KNOW what they’re talking about, and can speak intelligently and with conviction about what they believe and what they want to do for the country.  They HAVE A PLAN. 

Marco Rubio, is a raging hawk and is itching to get into another war. I always find these war-mongering types interesting, especially when THEY HAVE NEVER SERVED IN A WAR. 

Chris Christie blamed campus unrest on Obama’s “lawlessness”.  He reminds me of a boss I used to have.  His only form of communication seems to be to shout insults at people and basically act like a mean gym teacher.  

(And FYI, remember the pledge most of these republicans signed vowing not to go along with ANYTHING Obama proposed.  In any other country that would be considered treason.)

Jeb Bush.  I actually feel badly for Jeb.  He is completely overshadowed by his father, ex-President and ex-CIA director George, and his draft-dodging brother.  He's trying desperately to carve his own way and not really succeeding.  But then again, HE’S RICH so it's kind of hard to feel that bad for him.  

I don't know people.  The GOP has to come up with a game changer because who they've got representing them right now are less than inspiring.  Most of them are misguided religious fanatics who want to persecute all non-white, non-Christian people and that scares me. 

Remember when religion was never EVER mentioned in political campaigns?  It was taboo to even go there.  Now, if you are running for president and are not a devout Christian it is akin to being a Satan worshiper.  Fear is what the GOP banks on and it's exceedingly wrong. 

The views expressed on this site are my own and do not reflect those of anyone else other than myself, the blog owner.


  1. Oh. My. God. Deb, YOU need to run. That was one absolutely amazing read. "Malignant narcissist with Tourettes." Brilliant.

  2. Deb, Oh. My. God. YOU should run. That was brilliant. "Malignant narcissist with Tourettes." Absolutely brilliant.

  3. I've nothing to add, except .... BRAVA!

  4. What about Carly? I worked for her when I did a stint at AT&T in the early 90's. Carly was always well dressed, had good jewelry and was well spoken. Other than that, I wasn't impressed.

    1. REALLY???!!!! WoW! You actually know a presidential candidate! That is amazing. Don't know too much about Carly other than she was fired from Hewlett Packard. I wrote about Ben and The Donald because they are obviously cray-cray.


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