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It was bound to happen.  My feelings for Viggo have been waning for a some time now ... the refusal to take a photo with me was the nail in the coffin. I mean really people, does he not realize how amazing it is for anyone (specifically ME) to actually see their favorite actor live and in person?  Were you never a fan Viggo?  I purchased a ticket to see your movie, drove to Santa Monica for a screening with a Q&A afterward, and then ACTUALLY got up close ... close enough to run my hand down your cheek and when I asked if I could take a picture you REFUSED.  You did give me your autograph, but still.  I was SO disappointed. WHEN will I ever get another chance to see you in person again?  When will I ever get another opportunity to take a picture with you?!?!  REALLY DUDE?  Do you not know how monumental it was for me to be next to you, IN PERSON, IN REAL LIFE and you couldn't deign to take a picture with me?  It was then I knew it was over. 

It really is like grieving a lost love.  It was beautiful while it lasted but it's over now and I've moved on.  I have a new boyfriend ... A BETTER BOYFRIEND ...

OSCAR ISAAC .... incredible actor ... yummy, dreamy, YOUNG, sexy, Latino, *sigh* ... my new man in my head ... enjoy!

What a chulo!

Mono (doll)

Loves kitty cats

And doggies too

He was in this flick with Viggo and now I love him more than Mr. Mortensen.

I am contemplating renaming my blog.  What do you all think?  Comments appreciated.

NEXT ...


Just had to post a few thoughts on a few of the Republican presidential candidates because … well, they’re always good for a laugh.

Marco Rubio, when asked who he’d like to have a beer with said ... Malala.  Malala, for those of you who have been living under a rock, is the young girl that was shot point blank in the head by the Taliban for wanting to go to school.  She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 and she is a Muslim and a MINOR.


1.  Muslims do not drink alcohol;
2.  She is a minor and not of legal age to drink alcohol (also see no. 1 above)
3.  You're an A-hole.

Ben Carson.  HOW can a brilliant neurosurgeon be so crazy uninformed?  The Egyptian pyramids were built to store grain in?  His reasoning?  He believes in the Bible.  And in the bible it says that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain in.  Yes … it’s there in the Bible ... in the book of Make Believe:12:1 … (not). 

Donald Trump.  (HORN BLOWING) … enough said.


  1. I may have to fight you for Oscar Isaac. i have been married to him in my head for a couple of years now. He's just so dreamy ... and yes, I sound like a schoolgirl from the 1950s.
    So, he's mine, but thanks for the pictorial.

    As for those GOP Clwons? They reap what they sow.

    1. ISN'T HE!!!! OMG and he's a terrific actor. BUT HE'S MINE LOL!

  2. Oscar Isaac..DELISH! Marco Rubio...messy embezzler! Ben Carson...ah.."wake up"! "wake up!

    1. Eloise!!! How's life treating you? Thanks for your comment.

    2. Life is perfect in the AZ...You still are my all time Favorite BLOGGER!!

  3. In the future when Viggo asks YOU for a photograph, be sure to say no. Its only fair.


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