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OK.  This asshole right here.  Seriously needs to be bitch slapped.  I can't quite figure him out.  He's totally in love with Beyoncé but in a really creepy way.  As for this award season, if it were up to Kanye Beyoncé would win every single one including Best Actor in a Supporting Role.  Personally, though I think Beyoncé is a beautiful woman, I don't like her music or the way she sings so I can't understand why Kanye thinks she shits ice cream.  But whatever.  I'm just a baby-boomer who grew up in the 1970's when music was MUSIC. 

As for dissing artists because the artists that are winning the awards AREN'T TRUE ARTISTS, since when, Mr. West, are you the arbiter of who is an artist and who is not?  Personally, I have no idea why people call you a genius.  To me you're an asshole.  You're rude, loud, ignorant, conceited, and stupid all at the same time.  And FYI, you really should take another look at the footage when you're mouthing off about artists and the Grammy's and saying  that "Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyonce" and take a look at your old lady who was clearly dying of embarrassment.  I actually felt bad for her until someone handed her a mirror and she forgot all about what you were saying. 
Look at the look on her face ... like she wants to hide under a rock.  YOU married him you idiot.

AS FOR BECK ... he can play the following instruments:  guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, harmonica, percussion, sitar, banjo, slide guitar, twelve-string guitar, glockenspiel, vocoder, kalimba, melodica.  And he can sing. 

WHAT INSTRUMENTS DO YOU PLAY Kanye?  Other than your pee-pee?

Kanye ... you need to be bitch slapped.  Twice.


  1. 'Nuff said, except, for once, I'm loving the look on Kardastrophe's face!

    1. RIGHT!?! She looks freaking moritified! LOL!!!!

  2. Totally, Ye has the Beyonce Blues!

  3. Love your Scarlett O'Hara Blog Funny! It is "Gone With The Wind." Fabulous! "Kenya Moore.

  4. Amen, sister! Did you read his rant? If was a cluster fuck of poorly composed sentences. He may have a recording career but he surely didn't pay attention in English and composition classes.


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