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V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !!!

So, Danny and I just returned from a GREAT vacation down south.  We visited Atlanta, Asheville, Charleston and Savannah.  I have never been anywhere where the people are SO NICE.  That Southern Charm is REAL FOLKS ... and we did not have a bad meal anywhere.  The food was simply fantastic.  It was nine days of no cellphone, no Facebook, just living in the moment and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.  Trees, beautiful trees everywhere and even though it was hot and humid the breeze through those glorious trees was revitalizing and cooling.  Though I loved every city we visited, I think my favorite was Charleston.  Picture postcard pretty. 
Being out of touch and away from my usual routine was beyond restful and I realized that being unplugged is very healing to the soul.  The almost constant obsession to check in on Facebook, email, etc., takes up so much precious time from being PRESENT.  I know that's an overused word but its true. For instance, nine days away and I have no idea when Kim Kardashian is getting married!  And I LIKE IT.  This need to know, know, know everything instantaneously is draining and takes away from the truly important need of just being STILL.  I don't wanna go all Oprah on y'all but being still is a good thing and necessary to the soul. 

Away from T.V. and the 24 hour news cycle ... *sigh* ... do we really need to know every single ugly/horrible/disturbing/painful/heartbreaking piece of news every single second of every single day?  I'll tell you .... we don't.  And sometimes ignorance IS Bliss.  We don't need to know every ugly/horrible/disturbing/painful/heartbreaking piece of news every second of every day. 

So, I've decided to take a step back.  Unplug, recharge and BE STILL ... at least once a day.  Entertain only positive, edifying and beautiful thoughts and keep negativity where it belongs ... no where near me.  Even though this is how I DO live my life, it is amazing what vacation can do for you!  I have recommitted to spending more time reading, writing, and engaging in positive activity and positive thoughts. 

This is the irony of my life.  When left alone, or given the gift of being in a beautiful setting I am deeply spiritual and thoughtful.  Hence, the necessity to BE STILL.  I like going inward ... it's VERY PEACEFUL there.  Then, on the other hand, I'm a loud-mouthed, sarcastic observer of popular culture and of all things ridiculous, writing my own little take in my own little voice on my own little blog.  It can be a conundrum at times, because, as I said a few posts ago, I contribute to nonsense.  But I do it so well. 

My relaxing respite has inspired me to share more of my serious observations as well and I hope you will not be turned off by that and continue reading.  I think it is important to include all of myself.  For a long while now I've been stuck on the Housewives, and the Kardashians, etc., and in all honesty, I've wanted to write on more serious topics.  But working full time doesn't allow me enough time to write the way I would really like to, and more importantly, the way I need to.  So with that in mind, I am going to vow to WRITE BETTER.  BE HONEST and BE UNAFRAID and I hope you'll stick around. 

I promise to continue the dirt .... but with a little wisdom thrown in as well. 

I want to thank all of you who come by regularly, and those who have found me by mistake and have taken the time to leave a comment.  It means more than you know.   


  1. How can you NOT have a grand time in Atlanta, Asheville, Charleston and Savannah?
    Those are four of my favorite cities and all within a somewhat short drive from my house!

    1. Awwww .... too bad we couldn't meet! Maybe next time!

  2. Of course I always come back😁

  3. Susan TijerinaMay 16, 2014 10:00 PM

    So glad you & Danny had a great vacation! Leaving for Florida tomorrow am. Will call you to set up a date! Even if you don't see comments I love reading your entertaining and funny! Love to you & Danny

    1. Have a great visit Suse. Call when you get back ... we'll do dinner. XOXO

  4. Taking a moment from my own busy life to say "Yay! Keep writing lady!" I hope the comment posts because so often it doesn't. Stupid internet.
    I love the disconnect that holidays away bring. We are all too concerned with all the things you mentioned. We are living in a material world. Sigh.


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