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Ted Nugent calls President Obama a “subhuman mongrel.”  Lovely. 
Dear Ted:
YOU are a subhuman mongrel.  You are also a COWARD.  Dodging the draft by crapping and pissing in your pants for months and allowing the urine and feces to harden and coagulate so you could avoid serving the country you so profess to love is the act of a SUBHUMAN MONGREL.  You need to go away and shut the hell up before someone takes an AK-47 to your ass with the “stand your ground” law to stand behind.  That is all.  You are a disgrace to the U.S.A.  PERIOD.  I HATE YOU. 
The Arizona Legislature gave final approval to legislation that allows business owners asserting their religious beliefs to refuse service to gays.  WHAT?  Do they not know what century it is?  I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS.  So, does this mean that if Anderson Cooper walks into your restaurant you will refuse to serve him?  Or Ellen DeGeneres?  Or Jane Lynch?  Or Greg Loughanis?  You know what? …, I’ll be back … I still need time to process this insanity.  I seriously do not know what to say.  Except that you will probably have to out-and-out ASK every one of your patrons “are you gay?” because Arizona, HOW are you going to tell who is gay and who is not????  Not all gay men talk with a lisp and carry a feather boa … and not all gay women dress like men …. UGH.  I can’t deal.


On a lighter note ... next week ...THE ACADEMY AWARDS!!!!  DEBBIE'S BEST AND WORST ON THE RED CARPET!  Stay tuned!




  1. I love how the GOP tries to distance themselves from Nugent, but then asks him to come to the State of the Union address.

    They aren't fooling anyone.

    As for Arizona, the question is simple: would you allow discrimination of an interracial couple based on religious beliefs? A Jewish man or woman? A black person?

    Discrimination of any kind for any reason is wrong, but if this passes I hope Arizona mans up and let's people discriminate against those religious folks based on their non-religious beliefs, AKA having a rational mind.

  2. THANK YOU. I am still in disbelief about the whole thing.

  3. I can't wait for your oscar recap.
    The governor vetoed the bill, yet I'm still sure I'm not going to Arizona any time soon.
    Ted Nugent is a joke.

  4. SISTER U ARE ON IT! COMPARING KIM N. TO MASK!! OMG! LOVE'S IT. GORGEOUS DRESSES THIS YEAR. Portia De Rossi...what a beauty!!! Sandra B...a stunner! & Angelina could wear a sack & still be the most beautiful woman in the world!...

    OMG...AZ. How embarrassing that state can be!!! They need to fire the entire legislature and start over!!!!!!! Do they really belong to the UNION?


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