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I LOVED Annette ... I really and truly did.  I wanted to be like her when I grew up.  I wanted to look like her, she was so pretty.  I loved all the Beach Party movies and I loved that Frankie Avalon always played her boyfriend.  I saw him in person once at my parish's annual Fiesta.  Father Moretta knew him and invited him to sing and he came all the way out to The Hood and sang "Beauty School Dropout".  But enough about Frankie ... it's Annette I want to talk about.  To me she was almost Mexican.  I know that sounds kinda stupid but her being Italian and Catholic kind of made it the same thing to me.  And she did look like a lot of my older cousins and aunts.  The dark beehive hairdo, the eyeliner, the clothing -- pedal pushers, little smock tops ... I loved her.  

So dear Annette, I pray you Rest in Peace.  You suffered so much the last 25 years, and though I was so sad to hear that you have left us, I am happy that you are at peace.  God Bless you Sweet Angel ...


  1. A truly beautiful woman. MS sucks!

    1. Wasn't she pretty ... such a shame to have be struck with such a disease so young.

  2. I was one of many guys who had a huge crush on her...

    1. I think most guys had a crush on her ... she was soooooo pretty.

  3. I wanted to be Annette so I could smooch on Frankie.


    1. Bob! LOL! I wanted to smooch on Frankie too. He was so cute!

  4. We're losing a lot of people lately from our childhood. People we grew up watching on tv. It breaks my heart and makes me feel old.

    RIP Annette.

  5. Aww, Deb, that's so nice. I loved Annette too. I remember her saying her name..."Annette," on the Mickey Mouse Club...and then you'd hear "Bobby!" "Jimmy!" On the day of her death, they played the Mousketeers' song, and I was in my car, and I'm singing along with the radio. It's another icon of our youth that has gone. Sigh. Annette was really suffering for so long. She was sweet and kind and sexy and wholesome--and from a time that was innocent--and is lost among the subsequent generations. Who couldn't love Annette? Even Raffi, the Canadian singer for kids, had a line in one of his songs (from the 80's) about a "net" (saving someone), but he made it into a pun and said "Funicello." Kind of hard to describe unless you know the song. RIP and


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