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Yes.  You read correctly.  I started working a few weeks ago but I didn't wanna make a big deal about it because ... well, you know ... I haven't had the best luck with jobs the last couple of years.  But, I am happy to report that all is going well.  Very well.  

I LOVE being employed again.  I love taking the bus to work.  I love swiping my I.D. card to enter my beautiful building which contains a cafeteria, a credit union, a Starbucks, a convenient little store and a cute, hip L.A. lunch spot that makes sandwiches and salads and other foodstuffs.  I LOVE IT.  I love walking out of the building at lunch time and walking over to the library to peruse new books and old.  I LOVE having lunch with my old working friends.  I LOVE being able to buy stuff and do things because now I have $$$$.  I love working at my desk, on my computer, for my bosses (four of them), I LOVE going to lunch which consists of a luxuriously long hour not like my other job where lunch was a half hour and you had to shove the food down your mouth whole and then make sure you scanned your hand on the hand scanner thing before returning to your cell without being dinged for being late.  I LOVE working with "smart" people and not for people who "think" they're smart.  Like at my old job ... which I hated ... because they laid me off.  Bastards.  I LOVE being able to walk over to the shopping center to buy shoes and make- up and other unnecessary purchases that serve merely to make me happy.  I LOVE IT.  I LOVE it all.  I practically skip to work every morning.  And that's pretty fucken happy.

And I am grateful.  Really, REALLY grateful.  And I'm telling you right now ... if I get laid off again I am going to put a bullet in my brain ... because that shit isn't even funny.  Or maybe I should put a bullet in the head of the person who lays me off ... which would make more sense, but then I'd probably have to go to prison for that, and then I'd really be screwed ... probably by some big lesbian.  Let's just hope I never get laid off again.  Like never, EVER .... EVER.


  1. Congrats.
    And I can say first-hand that prison lesbians are NOT fun.

    1. I don't even wanna know how you know that. THANKS!

  2. Deb--you KNOW how happy I am for you. You so deserve everything. Everything!! So glad that the environment is great. Life is good. If they EVER lay you off, you know that I will help you hide the body.

    Love you!!

    1. Yes. I do know that ... and it warms the cockles of my heart to have such a devoted girlfriend. Likewise ... if you ever need me to help you hide a body -- just say when and where and I'll be there! <3

  3. I cannot tell you how happy I am for you. It took a while but I am so glad to hear that the wait was sure worth it. You make me miss working downtown.

    Enjoy!! and please keep these posts coming, I look forward to them.

    1. Thanks Diane! I am SOOOOOOO FUCKEN HAPPY. And relieved. Now we really have to get together with you guys because now the NUNEZ HAVE MONEY!!! LOL! Give my love to everyone, especially that beautiful Belen!

    2. It really has not been about $$$ Debbie. I could share a bag of chicharrones with you guys and have a blast. WE WILL PLAN A GET TOGETHER SOON. Hi Danny!!

  4. I am very happy for you and they are lucky to have you working for them.

    I love the picture "It's so long since I had sex, I have forgotten who ties up whom"
    I like your thinking!

    1. Unfortunately for me ... IT'S TRUE. LOL!!!
      Thanks for being such a faithful reader my friend. It means so, so much to me. And I am very happy to be back in the land of the employed (whew!)

  5. Oh, my dear friend, I'm so happy for you! Does this mean now we can meet for a weekend in Palm Springs? I miss you!!! XOXOXO

    1. HELL YEAH! First I gotta make sure I get hired FULL TIME. Because I didn't "test" as well as they would have liked, they hired me as a "contract secretary" ... after three months they decide whether I can stay or go. UGH ... the judgment never ends! BUT I feel confident they'll make me an offer ... I'M FUCKEN FABULOUS!

  6. Congratulations! I wish you the best in your new position.


  7. Congratulations on the job! Here's to long-term employment and big pay cheques! LOL!


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