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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have decided what they're going to name their spawn.  Are you ready?  Are you sure?  OK.  Here goes .... NORTH.  Yes, you read correctly.  NORTH.  They're going to name that unfortunate child NORTH WEST.  No words.

Isn't Kim looking weird lately?  I don't know what she is doing to her face but she kinda looks like a Barbie doll when you squeeze her face. 

WEIRD HUH.  It looks like she had some gigantic cheek implants and now her eyes look super slanty like little slits.  Personally, she looked much sexier with her original face don't you think?

Now for the best part .... FAT KIM!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOVE IT! 

Kimmie ... a little suggestion ... Moo-Moos.  Stick with Moo-Moos.  You should not be accentuating the waist you no longer have and the gigantic casabas you are now sporting.  

 Those poor pants are screaming "TAKE ME OFF!!!!  WE CAN'T BREATHE!!!!"

 Looking very Kirstie Alley in HER fat days.  (You might wanna ditch the ice cream cone)

 Stick with dark colors hon.  White is no longer for you.
  Uh .. LESS is actually more.  Ruffles, sleeves and shoulder pads ADD weight you stupid.

 Kim ... did you really think this print would camouflage your child bearing hips?
I seriously think she could be the first woman EVER to deliver a child anally.
"I know ... maybe if I have a zipper running down the middle of my ass it'll make it look smaller?!"



  1. When fame-whores reproduce....Next Dr Phil.

    They should just name the child 'Bastard.'

  2. Tell me again... why is she anyone? But oh, this pregnancy will only get better!

    1. Iknow! She's already HUGE and I don't thinks he's due until the summer!

  3. Replies
    1. No she isn't. She's a Glamour DON'T.

  4. I can’t stand this media whore.

    1. Me either. She'd die without a camera in her face 24/7.

  5. The best part is she's barely pregnant. IMAGINE how big she's going to get! OMG! Girl needs to put the Twinkies down.

    (That you blogged about this makes me want to be your BFF.)

    1. RIGHT? I can't wait until she's nine months ... she's going to look like the Goodyear blimp! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      And yes. We can be BFF'S .... most definitely!

  6. Confession: I have never watched this show, because I cannot tolerate how people who deserve zero attention, get so much of it.

  7. Please DO NOT insult the Goodyear Blimp!!! :) Poor Kimmie, imagine when she tries to lose the baby weight and can't....Just call her TUBBO!!

  8. I thin you're all horrible, if someone said that to any other woman who was pregnant everyone would jump up to her defense, i dont understand what makes kim k any different? women suffer from self consciousness, and it only heightens when they are pregnant. I think it's great that at least she stills care about what she looks like, and of course she will be able to lose he fat after birth, she can have any trainer she wants.


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