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Okay ... first let me say that only a few wowed me this year and I am getting to that age where I don't know who some of the actors and actresses are, so with that in mind, let's get started. 

The adorable Amanda Peet.  I think it's difficult to wear this flesh color on the red carpet because it blends into the skin.  It's a pretty little slip of a dress and I like the headband and her makeup looks beautiful.  Grade:  B

Amy Poehler.  BORING.  Grade:  C-

Ashley Judd.  This is the ugliest schmata I've ever seen. What is with the big bow at the neck?  She looks like a cat.  And that beehive?  Very Count Dracula.  

I'm a little disappointed in Ashely ... she is usually so pulled together and chic.  Grade:  F-

It's ugly from the front too but her husband is pretty hunky (but he needs some lips).

Christina Hendricks.  This chick seriously needs a boob reduction.  I say it every year ... she just looks like a fat chick squeezed into this gown.  If she reduced those mammary glands she'd lose about 30 lbs.  Christina .... get some numbers and make a few appointments.  You need to consult with someone.  As for the dress, I like the color and style but I don't like the belt.  If she didn't have those gigantic boobs the dress would look very chic but those knockers ruin the whole look.  Sorry hon, I'm just trying to help you out.  Grade:  D-

Christine Baranski.  Great looking older woman.  Love the hair, love the makeup.  The dress ... I don't know.  1) it has sleeves and it was about 90 degrees yesterday so all I could think about while looking at her were my own hot flashes; 2) She has great legs but I really think she should have gone with another look.  The dress looks as though it doesn't fit right and it looks uncomfortable.  Grade:  D

Claire Danes.  She always looks ... what can I say ... plain.  No bling, no glam, no nothing.  She's a pretty girl with a great body but that dress is very blah and the cut makes her look frumpy.  Me no likee.  Grade:  D+

Connie Britton.  Other than the fact her hair looks like a soccer mom's, she looks pretty great.  She has a great body and her arms look really good.  Grade:  B+

Edie Falco.  Great body.  I think this dress looks great on her.  You have to have a fantastic body to wear a dress like this.  Grade:  B+. 

Elizabeth Moss.  OH. EM. GEE.  My mother made me a dress just like back in the 1980's.  It was ugly then and it's ugly now.  Fabric:  ugly; Print:  ugly;  Hair:  ugly.  Overall look:  UGLY.  Grade:  F- (sorry Elizabeth).

Ellen Degeneres and Portia.  LOVE LOVE LOVE Ellen's hair and I need to know where she gets it cut cause I'm going there!  Portia looks great.  Love the jumpsuit.  She is always very chic and I love her hair.  Grade:  Ellen - B+; Portia - A.  

Ginnifer Goodwin.  Mhmmm.  I'm trying to decide.  I actually like the idea, I like the colors but I don't like the dress, though I LOVE the shoes.  This dress doesn't do anything for her figure.  It adds weight to her.  The cut isn't flattering.  It's Monique Lhullier but honestly, it doesn't work on her.  And her hair looks a tad severe.  Makeup is beautiful but her earrings do not go with this gown.  Grade:  D-

Giuliana Margulies.  This woman always looks fabulous but I don't like this dress and I feel like I should, but I don't.  And her hair is too severe.  The earrings were pretty though.  Grade:  B - because she actually looks pulled together even though this dress is not one of my favorites. 

Giuliana Rancic.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GAIN SOME FUCKEN WEIGHT!!!  GEEZ!  Her arms look like toothpicks.  Other than that ... the dress is chic, the hair is good, the earrings are good, the manicure good.  Grade:  A.

Glenn Close.  Glenn is another one who usually looks fantastic but I do not like this dress.  It makes her look heavy.  It has arrows and stripes and flaps and ruffles ... too much crap going on.  The hair is okay and the makeup looks good but that dress is distracting with the panels and points and lace and white and black ... all it needed were a few bells.  Grade:  F+

Gretchen Mol.  She is so pretty.  This dress is pretty but it also looks kind of cheap.  I can't put my finger on it but the hem doesn't seem finished or polished.  Also, the shoes are a little weird.  It looks like she is standing barefoot on her tippy toes with little bows stuck to her feet.  Grade:  B-

Hayden Panetierre.  Not loving this at all. It's like a grecian gold and ugly, weird blue number that has way too much going on and it is much too mature for her.  She's such a pretty girl ... maybe if the blue were white it might have looked more ethereal and beautiful.  Grade:  F-

Heidi Fucken Klum.  Okay ... this number looks like a bathing suit with a sheer cover up.  I don't like it.  I don't like the matching turquoise shoes, the matching turquoise earrings, or the matching turquoise ring.  Big Fat F for FLOP.   

James Van Der Beek (this dude has a GIGANTIC head and no lips).  His girl is wearing a peach frock with a red clutch and bronze roman style shoes.  Ditch the shoes, ditch the clutch and ditch Frankenstein.  Grade:  F

Jane Krakowski.  Super talented but her chin bugs me and she's another one with no upper lip.  Get some filler ... please.  I'm giving her an A.  Dress is good, hair is good, earrings are good.  Overall look:  Good.  Grade:  A 

January Jones.  This is actually an edgy little number that I really like but she could have done something else with her hair.  It looks like she was trying to copy that gal from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Makeup is good but hair is bad.  Grade:  B-

Jenna Malone.  Ok - this color was quite popular on the red carpet.  It's ugly.  It's like a brownish-plum that does nothing for anyone.  If it were white or any other color than this brownish-plum it might have worked better.  The hair:  terrible; Makeup; not enough.    The shoes:  interesting but no cigar.  Some earrings would have helped and a better up-do.  Grade:  F-

Jessica Lange.  Tricky.  Hair is good, sunglasses are great; dress - not feeling it.  And if I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times .... a lady of a certain age should always, ALWAYS cover her arms.  Unless you have guns like Sheryl Crowe or Madonna, DO NOT SHOW THEM.  Grade: C-

Jessica Pare.  This gal looked beautiful.  Now this is an Emmy Award look.  Beautiful hair, beautiful makeup, beautiful jewels, beautiful gown.  Very Chanel.  LOVE IT.  PERFECTION.  BEST LOOK OF THE EVENING SO FAR.  GRADE:  A+ to the nth degree!


Julia Louis Dreyfus.  She has a great body, but again, this dress would have looked much better in any other color than this brownish-plum.  The hair:  Horrible - pulled back and parted in the middle.  She looked like Mary Todd Lincoln.  Earrings - I know she was going with something contrasting for pop but it didn't pop ... it pooped.  Grade:  D-

Julianne Hough.  BEAUTIFUL girl, gorgeous dress, loved the color and it fit her beautifully.  Beautiful makeup but I didn't like her hair.  She is too young to look so severe.  Would like to have seen her hair look sexier and softer.  Grade:  A.

Kat Dennings.  This girl looked BEAUTIFUL.  LOVED the makeup, loved the hair, loved the dress, loved the bracelet, loved the entire look.  SECOND BEST LOOK OF THE EVENING.  WINNER, WINNER, WINNER!  Grade:  A+

Kathy Griffin.  Kathy should not wear black.  The dress doesn't wow me.  Her hair looks OK and I am definitely not feeling that black cuff bracelet.  Grade: D

Kenly Collins from Project Runway.  She is adorable.  Love the hair, love the dress, love the bag, love the shoes (although I don't think they go with the dress) - Grade:  B-

Kevin Coster.  Just put him here to show you all a picture of his wife who looks like his daughter.  She looks about 17 ... horndog.   

Kristin Wiig.  Love her!  I think she should color her hair ... she looks so much better as a blonde.  It's a pretty dress but the color doesn't show well on the red carpet and I don't like the length.  Either go long or go short.  Also, no bling and the shoes are all wrong.  Sorry Kristin - Grade:  D-

Lena Dunham.  Very talented gal with no style at all.  This looks like a 1940's prom dress and it makes her look like a baby elephant.  Surely she could have hired a stylist to make her look fabulous.  Her makeup looks good though.  Grade:  F-

Leslie Mann.  I love her, she is so cute.  This dress looked much better on T.V.  It is scrambled egg yellow with a pretty lacy top.  The turquoise jewelery could be risky but I think I like it.  How do you all feel?  Yay or Nay?  Grade:  B-

Lucy Liu.  She looks like she is wearing bunch of tiny mirrors.  She has a great body and she looks really pulled together.  Grade:  A

The guy from Dexter.  I don't now who his date is but I loved her dress and shoes.  Loved her makeup, loved her hair, loved the bag and even her tattoos.  I think she looks very chic and edgy.  Grade:  A.


Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey MY FAVORTE PROGRAM.  She is an amazing actress and is really quite beautiful.  Love her hair, love her makeup.  The dress is very pretty but satin always looks wrinkled at the lap.  Grade:  C

Morena Baccarin.  This gal looked beautiful.  I'd say this is another of my favorites.  Loved the dress, loved the jewels, loved the hair, loved the makeup.  Grade:  A+

Nicole Kidman.  I think Nicole needs to ease up on the Botox and it looks like she might have had cheek implants.  Her face, though pretty, is starting to look a little weird.

This is a pretty dress but I don't like the turquoise shoes - it throws the entire look off.  I never realized how much taller she is than her husband.  I will give Nicole an A-

Padma Lakshmi.  I don't like this gal ... however, this is a beautiful gown, love the color.  She looks great but I think a gorgeous pair of earrings would have been just right.  Grade:  A-

Sarah Hyland.  This little girl is adorable. Did you know she had a kidney transplant this year?  Love the dress, love the hair, she looks adorable.  Grade:  A

Sarah Paulson.  This is a beautiful dress.  Love the black belt and bag but she could have done something more with her hair.  Grade:  B-

Sofia Vergara.  BEAUTIFIUL.  She always knows how to look like a movie star ... even though she's on T.V.  I loved the gown, the color, the earrings, the rest of the jewelery.  She looks fantastic.  Grade:  A

Tina Fey.  I don't know what it is but Tina rarely looks really glamorous.  I don't like this plum color, but I do like the neckline.  She has those kind of ears that stick out so I would suggest no up-dos in the future.  Grade:  C-

Tom Berenger.  It is unbelievable how this guy has aged.  He used to be such a hunk!  See below.

 Tom Berenger in his younger days.  

Maria Menonous.  LOVE HER.  Loved the dress, the hair, the hearrings.  I want her boobs.  
Grade:  A 

Zooey Deschanel.  I love her.  She looks young and fresh ... like pretty princess.  Love the soft blue puff of a dress.  Her make up is beautiful and I love her hair.  Grade:  A+

Okay folks.  That's it for this year.  Award season is around the corner.  Golden Globes!  Oscars!  and I can't wait.  I'm hoping my boyfriend Viggo gets nominated for something.  He has two films coming out ... "On the Road" and "Todos Tenemos Un Plan".  

Thank you all for reading and following.  It makes my life worth living.  Really.



  1. Wow! Fantastic post. I agree with you on most of them--ha!--but I thought Hayden P. looked like a goddess. Edie Falco was one of my favorites--she looked amazing. I didn't like all the yellows last night--Julianne Moore should have been arrested for that long-sleeved horror! And you're so right about Clare Danes.

    I didn't know that Sarah Hyland had a kidney transplant. Poor kid. She looked gorgeous at the Emmy's.

    Excellent job, my friend!

  2. Dayum! I forgot to post a picture of Julianne Moore! She looked beautiful - face and hair, but that dress????? I don't know what possessed her! It was 100 degrees that day!

  3. Um, deep breath, okay:
    Amanda Peet: should'a saved time and just gone nude because that's what it looks like.
    Amy Poehler: Meh.
    Ashley Judd: Fugly.
    Christina Hendricks: love her. Old va-va-woom Hollywood.
    Christine Baranski: Jiffy Pop
    Claire Danes{ Pregnant chic. Simple. Me like.
    Connie Britton: Nice dress, less Botox in the forehead.
    Edie Falco: Seen this dress before. Literally. Paltrow already wore it and if Paltrow wore it you know I hate it.
    Elizabeth Moss: So ugly I almost forgive Ashley Judd.
    Ellen and Portia: Ellen looks like Ellen and Portia usually looks oh so much better.
    Ginnifer Goodwin: I didn't get it until Joan Rivers said she was covered in Carrot Top's sperm.
    Giuliana Margulies: Couch fabric does not an Emmy dress make.
    Giuliana Rancic: Agreed
    Glenn Close: Older fugly
    Gretchen Mol: Short'n'Dull
    Hayden Panetierre: Great dress, wrong girl. She's too young for it.
    Heidi Klum: Like the summery sexiness of the dress but the Farrah-do nearly ruined it.
    Jane Krakowski: Looks good, annoys me.
    January Jones: Great dress, too bad about the face.
    Jenna Malone: Yawn.
    Jessica Lange: She.Can.Do.Know.Wrong.
    Jon Hamm: That's all.
    Julia Louis Dreyfus: Nice dress, but the hair looked a little Granny Clampett.
    Julianne Hough: Pretty dress but the helmet hair ruined it.
    Kat Dennings: Sexy. Sek-shi.
    Kathy Griffin: Old West saloon madam.
    Kristin Wiig: Spilled wine on the dress, so she wore the slip.
    Lena Dunham: Moss is starting to look better.
    Leslie Mann: My favorite. Cool and sexy.
    Lucy Liu: I hear it was so hot, people were frying eggs on her dress.
    Morena Baccarin: The weird illusion fabric over her breasts looked odd when the light hit it.
    Nicole Kidman: On the runway this dress was shown with a show beaded coat and looked a lot better. Less Botox would be nice. Best accesory, though, in Keith Urban.
    Padma Lakshmi: Cool.
    Sofia Vergara: Que bonita!
    Tina Fey: Never.Looked.Better.
    Tom Berenger: I had such a crush on him. Emphasis on "had".
    Zooey Deschanel: She always look like this. Bad hair: Bangs.Bun.Beehive. Not good.

    And exhale.......

    1. I'm still laughing!!! You need to be on Fashion Police!

    2. Love it, Bob! But, oh, the irony here:

      Jessica Lange: She.Can.Do.Know.Wrong.

  4. I love all of the dresses, but do disagree with the comments on Claire. She is 6 months pregnant! I think it looks beautiful and modest for a pregnant woman.


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