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1.  Oprah interviewed the entire Kardashian klan.  I cannot believe she even sat down with these morons.  I am seriously disappointed in her.  Of course I watched.  I had to in order to report.  But I felt guilty and disgusted with myself the entire time.  Insights:  Kris Jenner is a whore.  Kim Kardashian is a whore.  Bruce Jenner has no gonads.  I jest of course.  None of these opinions were insights.  The entire world already knows what I have just stated.  And can I just add that Kim K's vagina probably needs a rejuvenation.  She told Oprah that her mother let her get on birth control when she was FOURTEEN.  I hadn't even had my first kiss when I was fourteen.  But this was back in the dark ages when dinosaurs ruled the earth.  This family is like a bad LSD flashback.  (Note:  Everyone is color coordinated except Bruce. Turquoise, nude, black.  Bruce threw the whole picture off with his untucked SKY blue and white striped shirt which totally clashes with turquoise, of which I'm sure Kris is going to make him pay for.)

2.  What the hells up with all the damn cannibalism?!  Everyone is eating everybody!  It's like some weird trend!  One guy decides to eat his roommate, and then another, then another ....

 3.  I AM SHOCKED!  Madonna flashed her 53 year old tit.  MY EYES!  MY EYES!  That is one ugly old suckled on nipple.  Madonna:  GO AWAY.  NOBODY LIKES YOU ANYMORE.  NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR SAGGING TIT.  I'M BEGGING YOU. 


4.  Caught the O.C. Housewives last night.  Tamara is the only person on earth who can cry without manufacturing any tears.  I cannot stand that broad.  Vicki is truly not right in the head ... when that broad loses her shit SHE LOSES HER SHIT.  YIKES!  

Heather, the Duchess of Pelican Hill (the exclusive, gated, enclave of the very rich and very pretentious) tossed crazy Sarah out of her palace because she ate the bow off of her "naming cake"  ... talk about RUDE!  God help us.  

Alexis ... poor, insecure, dumb Alexis was giddy with joy when her husband (Telle Tubby Jim Bellino) surprised her and showed up at Heather's mansion and then proceeded to have a "sit down" with Heather's hubby, plastic surgeon to the narcissists in Orange County, and dress him down for calling his wife a phoney, because he's a MAN and no one is going to talk about his SLAVE ... I mean, woman, like that.  

Next week:  The conclusion of the season where all the crazies sit down and basically demand respect while shouting and cursing at one another.  



  1. Um, yeah.
    I am agreeing with every single thought, comma, period, exclamation point and question mark.

    Truer words have never been spoken.

    PS I think Oprah may have dipped a couple of the younger Kardashians in chocolate and eaten them.
    It's all rumour, of course.

    1. Great minds think alike. I love you ... cause you love me and you get me.


  2. I'm with Bob--totally agree on everything. The Kardashians I can understand, but Madonna should know better. What the hell? That's one gross nip; the husb said it looks like it's infected. GROSS!

    1. It was so unnecessary. I really don't get why she did it. Sings a song, and then unflaps the brassier as though she needed to breast feed ... huh?

  3. I don't care enough about the K family to comment...BUT, Not only is Riele Hunter a terrible person but she is a terrible interview. She's been on TV lately hocking her book and when asked any question, she acts like she doesn't understand the question or puts a whole different spin on it. She's a mistress and always will be...and another thing. Why did she tell John Edwards he was "hot" the first time she saw him.....He's about as "hot" as Alfred E

    I'm Just Sayin'

    1. I saw the Rielle Hunter interview (and I am totally ashamed of myself for watching) but dayum, that broad is dense! She will never, EVER be able to redeem herself in the eyes of the public and I can't understand how she doesn't get that. Apparently, they have "amicably" decided to break up. BOO-HOO.

  4. Oprah thinks she is going to improve the consciousness of the world by enlightening them on everything and anything including the Kardashian clan. I did not see the interview so this is where my comment on that will end. As for Madonna flashing her boobie... ummm, well, that behavior is just stupid and desperate, as she tries to hold on to the allure, controversy, and notoriety of her past. She could do herself a great service if she became familiar with the phrase "aging gracefully." In the good ol' OC, Tamara can convulse in hysterics and produce not a single drop of moisture from her eyes. Nip. Zip, Nada. Tamara stirred the drama pot of every incident that occurred at Heather's shin-dig. That lady loves to be all up in the koolaid. Alexis is not the sharpest tool in the OC shed, but she does, at the very least, try to be a good person and stick up for her friends. As for Jim and Dr Dubrow's pow-wow, I say that the Mrs had no business inviting herself to the table, and neither did Tamara. But then again, it was koolaid that had nothing to do with her, and the cameras were there so she jumped on that situation. Dr Dubrow should wear a skirt instead of slacks for the way he handles his affairs and gossips. He owes Jim and Alexis an apology. He got busted talking smack. Oh wait a minute... Tamara was the one who told Alexis that Dr Dubrow thinks she is fake. Hmmm, once again, Tamara causing drama. I thought that her fiance Eddie makes her "..want to be a better person." Pshh. Whatever to that. I can't believe Eddie is going to marry that mean girl. But that is a topic for another Blog my big seester. So, all of this is basically saying, in a very long winded way, that I agree with you as well. Love you cause your my biggest seester, and cause you love me too... on occasion, lol. Looking forward to your next posty-tosty.

  5. That is what totally blew my mind! I watch Oprah's Super Soul Sunday every week and it was thought provoking and deep and all about consciousness and your divine inner-self and then she goes and interviews the Kartrashians. Very mixed messaging there.


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