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Ok everybody, this going to be a very rambling, nonsensical post so bear with me.

Did it again. Got up at 9:30. Feeling blue. Had a busy weekend with people who HAVE JOBS and can go places and do things. Well, not necessarily true. Mommie's birthday is this week so the husband surprised me with tickets to see Bobby Caldwell at our favorite jazz club. Thank you honey. Despite our lack of funds, he still managed to give me a great night out. AND, I did get to the hairdresser and got my beloved blond locks back ... that was a big lift. So I should be happy, right? Super Bowl Sunday we went to a party. Nothing but good friends all of whom I love so much, but EVERYONE THERE HAD A JOB, EXCEPT ME.

*. Why is it that whenever I feel shitty I'm full of prose? What is that? My dog is napping at my feet, I have the TV on pause and I'm sitting in my living room typing and having a therapy session all by myself. It may be hormones. At this rate it's hard to tell anymore. Maybe I AM just a big old bitch and hormones have nothing to do with it.

I dreamt about my boyfriend last night.

Scene: Big river boat ... the kind with the paddles like in Huck Finn ... romantic comedy. Viggo, performing a live, inteactive show. He's running here and there, upstairs, downstairs. I was an audience participant who then became part of the play. As always, he really digs me and suggests that when this "gig is over let's just get off the boat in South Carolina, whadaya say?"

As usual, I can't explain. I do seem to have lots of dreams of Viggo where boats and water seem to be significant. This is what I found out ... doesn't sound good.

Boat: Somebody will leave. Work in alchemy (sexual transmutation.)
Water, in general: It represents sexual energy (semen in man and seminal liquor in woman).

Sounds so nasty. If any of you want to try to interpret this, please feel free. Shoot me a comment and tell me what you think. And please, let's just keep this between us.


  1. Beloved girlfriend, do not measure your self-worth by a job or lack of one. You are beautiful, kind, funny, and crazy. And I, along with many others, are honored to call YouTube friend.

    The job will come to you soon. In the meantime, enjoy every minute of your time off. The day will come when you'll yearn for it.

    Always telling people what to do...

    Love you!

  2. Not You Tube friend! Damn autocorrect!!!

    You know what I mean.


    You Tube Friend


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