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Snooki is pregnant. People this stupid should not be allowed to procreate.

Awwww ... Davey Jones passed away today. Only 66 years old. I LOVED THE MONKEES! When my cousins and I were little kids we lived on the same block and every Monday night we would put on our pajamas and gather at Tia Martha's house because she had a color TV and we would watch the Monkee's in color. Color TV was a big deal back in the 1960's (all you ridiculous little brats who have Tivo and computer games and cable with 479 channels).

Going to Tia Martha's to watch the Monkee's was a real special treat. All us cousins would get all excited to not only watch the program but to just be together, all of us laughing and truly enjoying that half hour of TV. IT WAS THE BEST! So Davey Jones, THANK YOU. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and all the great music.

RIP Davey.


  1. I was so jealous of Marcia Brady when Davy Jones came to her school & kissed her cheek. May God comfort his loved ones. R.I.P. Davey Jones.

  2. For so many of us, Davey's death represents our youth, and the loss of it....our childhood good places and escapes. It was such a shock to hear about Davey. He was so sweet and lovable. Every one of us "at a certain age" can remember how we loved the Monkees. I lined up in a 3-mile long lineup, for hours in the Canadian cold, to see the Monkees--my very first rock concert. We screamed our lungs out and loved it. Sleepy Jean loves you, Davey.

  3. Use to love the Monkees too. At first I thought them just a Saturday morning sitcom, and never took them serious. But every once in a while they would come with some songs that were really good. I sometimes think their choice to do the TV show cursed them to remain in the wilderness of "don't take us serious" land.


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