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So, guess who went on a bike ride, swallowed a bee and got stung in the throat?

Yup. Danny.

So I tell him, you better go to the doctor right away. You could be having an allergic reaction. That thing could swell your throat up and you could suffocate and die! This is serious Dan. Let's go to urgent care right now!

Dan: Nah. I'm okay.

Me: WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN STUBBORN?! GAWD DANNY this could be very serious.

Dan: If I was gonna die I would have died already.


Fast forward to 10:00 pm. The man has a raging fever and headache. For this he takes ONE Advil (because God forbid, he doesn't wanna hallucinate or anything). So he's feeling like crap, but goes to work the next day and suffers. FINALLY, gets to the doctor two days later because now that his limbs are turning black and his fingers are beginning to fall off he's concerned ... (that's sarcasm) and the doctor tells him ... are you ready?

Doc: You obviously had an allergic reaction to the bee venom. You're lucky
our throat didn't swell up which could cause you to suffocate and die. (OK OK NOT EXACTLY BUT YOU GET THE GIST).

Married 15 frickin years and the man never, EVER takes my word for ANYTHING!


  1. unbelievable! but yet so typical!

    Seriously, the word verification below is "upfuc"

  2. OMG! I can't help but I was laughing my butt off reading this. Sorry never listen!:)

  3. Rule number one
    It doesn't hurt that much.

    Rule number two

    Women over react to rule number one.

    Rule number three
    I will get back to you on that!


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