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A phrase that has always irked me: I'm a survivor. What the hell does that mean? Like if you get cancer (God forbid) and you get over it then, yeah ... you're a survivor. But what if you don't survive? Does that mean you're a loser because you didn't survive? How can anyone make a statement like that when life is so random and uncertain? We're all surviving something. YOU'RE NOT A SURVIVOR YOU IDIOT ... YOU'RE JUST GOING THROUGH LIFE.

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People who say “CONVERSATING" instead of "CONVERSING".

People who say they’re “CAREER ORIENTATED” instead of “CAREER ORIENTED”. It's orien-TED NOT orien-TA-ted. Ugh.

People who say “SUPPOSEBLY” instead of “SUPPOSEDLY.” Morons.

People who say “NUKECULAR” instead of “NUCLEAR” (George Bush).

People who over use the word “BASICALLY” … basically, they use basically too much because they basically can’t communicate. Basically. Oy.

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OK ... I really did try to resist the urge to blog about Kim Kardashian, I really did because I am as uttely disgusted with the Kardashian Klan as the rest of America but I feel I have an obligation to report/judge/critique and advise and I have a message for Kimmie – I TOLD YOU SO.

Now Kim, if you really want to win back the public this is what you need to do:

1. Show some integrity and return the ring.

2. Show some more integrity and return all the gifts.

3. The millions you made from advertisers, etc., should be returned and distributed to all those viewers you duped into watching your $10 million dollar "fairytale fantasy wedding" while the rest of America is jobless and in dire straits you narcissistic tramp. Thank you.

4. Commit to at least three years of serious therapy. Seriously.

5. In the future date MEN. Not puppies. Say 38 to 43 yrs.

6. Do NOT listen to your mother.

7. Get a spiritual practice going and PRACTICE IT.

Everyone on earth has had to eat humble pie at one time or another ... even fame whores.

And that's all I have to say about that.


  1. Dear Debbie,

    About Kim Kardashian. First of all, I think everyone keeps spelling her name wrong. Shouldn't it be: Cardassian?

    I know almost nothing about her except I think I first heard about her on Star Trek the Second Generation.

    Doesn't she belong to the alien species from Alpha Quadrant planet Cardassia Prime?

    The Cardassians love to conquer things. They drink fish juice and eat taspar eggs in the morning.

    Cardassians are so cunning that even the warlike Klingons admire them even when they are the enemy.

    Well that's about all I know about Kim Cardassian.

    PS, thanks for visiting Heavenly Minded, where I do my more serious stuff. I keep it light on Rattus Scribus. Love to talk with you sometime.

  2. I just love when you vent!


  3. OMG Deb you said it! Im so sick of these people and hope their shows are all cancelled!

  4. I agree with you 100%. The real problem is not Kim Kardashian. The problem is the public. They happily buy into everything she has to sell. She makes a fool of herself and that sells too. Lack of morals attracts those who are like minded. Mommy taught her well.


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