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and serious consideration I have decided to throw my hat into the ring and run for President (hell, if Michelle Bachman can do it then so can I). I am running for the Truth, Freedom and Fairness Party and this is what Imona do for YOU!

1. No wars. EVER.

2. Tax the excrement out of all rich bankers/CEOs and Wall Street billionaires (no excuses, no tax loopholes/tax shelters or write- off's, EVER. You will pay 50% income tax on all of your earnings in full, every year, WITHOUT QUESTION, for the rest of your lives. Thank you. (happy face)

3. No taxes, EVER for any working stiff. They've paid enough taxes to last the next five decades. Under my Presidency, all working Joe's will get a big fat break including 4 weeks of paid vacation every year and sick days when you're sick. And NO MORE "AT WILL" employment or "RIGHT TO WORK" states EVER.

4. Wall Street - next time you get into a jam ... YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN. PERIOD.

5. All the jobs that have been "outsourced" must come back to the United States IMMEDIATELY and all super, wealthy CEO's who sold out America by outsourcing jobs will now have to hire American workers at no less than $30 an hour, provide medical/dental and vision insurance, long term disability and also provide a cost of living raise EVERY YEAR for EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE. PERIOD. (Watch how fast the economy picks up and people start spending money on houses and shit ... your little pinheads will spin).

6. All monies (taxes) that have been used to fund the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya
(and God knows where else cause you know all these politicians lie like a bunch of rugs) must be refunded to every single taxpayer with a letter of apology and a complete accounting of what every penny was used for. IN DETAIL.

7. The draft will be re-instituted. However, we will not take the young. The young will be provided with free college educations and/or training in the area of whatever their heart's may desire. The draft will now consist of rich, fat, flag-waving, right wing Americans who so love America ... now, YOU CAN PROVE IT. We will start with the TV and radio personalities, Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly, Coulter, etc.) You EFFERS go fight for a while - lose a limb, an eye, a ball ... I don't give a crap. And, upon your return, when you are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome ... TOO BAD. No aid for you. Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and deal with it.

8. Women will now make more money than men. FOREVER. And no sexual harassment of any kind will be tolerated EVER. PERIOD. END OF STORY. Furthermore, any trial or mediation that may result from a sexual harassment charge, the "Harasser" will heretofore be considered GUILTY until proven INNOCENT. Put that in you pipes and smoke it ... assholes.

9. ANYONE caught lying/bribing/cheating/stealing/whoring will be banned from public office. FOREVER. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. And get some therapy ... on your own dime you jerk-offs.

10. And last but not least, lunch at all places of employment, from now on will now be two hours long. You've worked hard all your lives .... enjoy your lunch dammit!



  1. can i be your VP? If i can run with you, i'll frickin' vote for you.
    love you so.

  2. I AM WITH YOU, SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. (I shouldn't try to comment while I'm sipping wine.) You have my vote, sister! I especially like #7!

  5. You've got my vote....and everyone else in my family too!!! Love you girl!

  6. Oh and can I be your Secretary of State!?!

  7. Debbie,

    The thing that really stood out to me in your venting here is the pure frustration about how blatantly America has become a system to benefit the wealthy while making it ever harder (purposely or by default) on laboring people -- people who work hard all their lives but don't aspire to own mansions and jets and yachts, or dine in underwater restaurants. They just want to live a normal life. But that dream is dying in America. Dying as the working middle class is dying in America, even as a middle class grows in China, and India and Brazil.

    I just read today that a federal deal to reign in the deficit will mean cuts to social security. So those on fixed income are going to increasingly hurt, while the rich (if left to most Republicans) are not expected to sacrifice anything.

    We can justly change our much vaunted ideal of a "government of the people, by the people, for the people" to a "government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich."

    That has always been the threat from the beginning. Even some of the founding fathers like Benjamin Franklin warned of this.

    Now we live in a plutocracy. It's done. An economy of plutonomy. Money-driven Medicine. Bail-outs for billionaires. Billions for wars we blundered or lied the people into. Claiming that we can solve a deficit of trillions by cuts in things like social security and medicare, while insisting on tax cuts for the rich. This is America.

    Only democratic action by a sick and tired electorate and shared sacrifice have any hope of changing America to a truer democracy that reflects the needs and aspirations of its overwhelming majority.


  8. My dear friend there is a party and a country for you, but I'm afraid it is not America. I had no idea you were such a socialist. Scary.
    Fifty percent of Americans do not pay taxes. They think they do because it comes out of their paycheck, but they get it all back after filing their tax return. I don't happen to be one of those people and I don't think you are either. I think everyone should have skin in the game. Let everyone pay. Too many social programs not too few taxes. I'm sick of working for those who don't care to pursue opportunity or work hard. I don't resent anyone who has worked hard or studied hard to make money and employ me. Republican and Proud!!!


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