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... the luckiest gal in America.

1. people on the jury were stupid;
2. she's lucky the body was so decomposed - no evidence left;
3. This is not the last we'll see of Casey Anthony.



  1. Debbie,
    I of course cannot say if Casey Anthony is guilty or not. The most I've read about this case is the fine article on Wikipedia. But why did she lie about things she did not need to?

    She was found guilty of the following and sentenced to 1 year and $1000 fine per charge:

    Count Four - Casey Anthony told law enforcement officials that during 2008 she was employed at Universal Studios. This information was given during an investigation of a missing persons report.

    Count Five - Ms. Anthony informed authorities that she had left Caylee at the Sawgrass Apts with a babysitter causing law enforcement to pursue the missing babysitter. [That person, Zenaida Gonzalez is now in a civil suit against Anthony for a lie that cost her her job, her housing and reputation.]

    Count Six - Ms. Anthony told law enforcement that she informed two associate employees, Jeff Hopkins and Juliet Lewis, at Universal, where she later admitted she had never worked, of the disappearance of Caylee.

    Count Seven - Ms. Anthony told law enforcement that she had received a call and actually spoken to Caylee on July 15, 2008 at approximately 12 p.m., causing law enforcement to expend resources on this lie.


    Rest in peace, little Caylee.

  2. Deb,

    You OK? I miss our conversations.

    Hope all is well.


  3. She's a skank! I think the jury probably was given a set of parameters to work from and they had no choice but to reach that verdict. That said, if I were on the jury, I would have ignored those parameters. I'd make a terrible juror.



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