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CNN Heroes

Every Thanksgiving CNN puts on a fabulous program dedicated to honoring every day heroes all over the world. Profiles of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I watched it last year and made sure not to miss it this year.

CNN Heroes is like the Academy Awards except for regular people, which in all honesty must put to shame all the egotistical, narcissistic actors and actresses out there who are handed gold statuettes every time they pass gas. This program is one of the most moving, "feel good" programs ever. I am not a very optimistic person when I look at the world in general, especially when I look at world leaders who oppress their people, or who have no integrity nor moral compass. It's hard to find good amongst those who live in the rarefied air of power and money. But watching this program last night confirmed to me that there really are good, amazing, selfless, beautiful human saints who give from their hearts for no other reason than it is the right thing to do.

There was one hero, a young kid really, Jordan Thomas, who lost both his legs when he fell overboard on the family boat and got sucked under by the propellers. This teen aged boy, from his hospital bed, realized how fortunate he was that his parents had the money to afford the insurance, the physical therapy and the prosthetics he would need throughout his life and in his gratefulness realized that there were many, many other children who did not have his opportunities and decided right then and there, while IN THE HOSPITAL, to set up a foundation that provides prosthetic limbs for children until they reach 18 years of age, FREE OF CHARGE. This boy couldn't have been more than 23 years old. I am posting his website so you can read about him and his organization. Do yourself a favor, when you have some time and read about this amazing kid.

Then there was the bus driver in Queens who saw day laborers every day standing on corners hoping to be picked up for a day of work and who would having nothing to eat that night if they didn't get work. Jorge Munoz took it upon himself to feed these men with the help of his wife, mother and sister. He puts in a full day at work driving a school bus then goes home to start, as he said ... "his second job", which consists of cooking chicken, rice, and black beans and then sets out about 9:30 pm to feed those men who are hungry. He was most proud of the fact that even while he was there receiving his award, his sister had stayed behind in Queens to make sure that no one would go hungry even for one night. When he first started this endeavor he fed 40 to 45 men a night. Today he feeds over 140. They call him The Angel of Queens. In the years he has been feeding these men he has never once run out of food. I couldn't help but think of Jesus feeding the multitude with just a few fishes and a few loaves of bread. I am posting his website. Jorge Munoz is originally from Columbia, and though very proud of his country of birth, he cried as he thanked the United States, the best country in the world, for all the opportunities has has found here.

Or the woman from Zimbabwe, Betty Makoni, who was raped at the age of 6 years old and faced unimaginable suffering and determined that she would do something for the girls and young women of her country who had been raped and tortured and witnessed unspeakable atrocities, to listen to them, love them, empower them and give them confidence. To educate and help them to become whole human beings with a hope for their futures instead of living lives of despair. Betty Makoni's website

There were so many amazing people being awarded that night that in all honesty I don't know how they decide who is THE BEST HERO out of all of them. When each of them accepted their awards they each stated humbly, that they didn't believe that they were heroes. Their message was that everyone one of us has a hero in us if we just listen to our hearts and respond to the needs of those less fortunate. These humble, strong, committed people doing God's work on earth with a purity of heart and seeking no reward for themselves other than to help their fellow man who are in need of love, guidance and support. They are all amazing, amazing people and there are probably so many others in the world who go unrecognized and unnoticed but who are doing the work they have been called to do with limited resources and sometimes even under threat of death. These are the people we should honor and respect ... not the uber wealthy or famous of the world.

I believe that when we die this is what heaven will be like. Scripture tells us that the first will be last and the last will be first. There will be a party in heaven in their honor where they will receive their crown of glory for having done so much good in the world. So, when you have a little time check out the website,, and meet all of these incredible people, and hopefully it will inspire all of us to do the same.


  1. You know, you don't hear enough of these stories. The media likes the bad news and the drama because the bottom line is money and ratings. And, a lot people don't want to hear the good stuff which is pretty sad, but me, I have faith in people. I know that most of us are good decent people. The media doesn't trick me. I'm just sayin'


  2. Sad to say, I missed this special. I was so looking forward to it but my house gets busy and there you have it.....another night where I plan to watch something and it just doesn't happen.

    And yes, I love the scripture in Matthew. It's what we do for God that is important. If we serve Him as we should, we serve others. And that shows where our hearts are.

    I'm gonna look up those web sites. Thanks and by the way, we just watched Hidalgo again!


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