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Since it's in the news ... a little blurb about Tiger

Here we go again. Yet another man who has admitted to "personal failings" (or in my lingo, couldn't keep it in his pants). First of all, can I just say that Tiger Woods is the most UNSEXY guy ever. I don't care if he does have a billion dollars if I were a young hot thing you couldn't pay me enough money to do him ... but then again, I was never a publicity seeking, opportunistic

w----e (rhymes with "sore" ... forgive the pun LOL). I just feel bad for his wife, poor thing. Although I'm sure it must have felt mighty good swinging that golf club right at his stupid head. What is it with these guys? My God it's like they're afraid that they're going to literally DIE without having to have EVERY FRICKIN' WOMAN WITH BREAST IMPLANTS ON THE PLANET! I mean seriously. How many women and how much sex must you possibly have in life in order to feel whatever it is you feel you need to feel? You KNOW these bimbos are gonna come forward at some point in time you idiots. That's why you never, EVER, make a sex tape, send text messages, emails, videos, NOTHING. But I know all my kvetching is for naught because although I know that men will continue to behave badly it is always their wives and children who really suffer over their "personal failings". My advice to Tiger? Don't worry dude. Remember President Clinton? Governor Sandford? Eliot Spitzer? No need to be accountable for anything. In a few months everybody will forget this little transgression and then everybody will love you all over again, and you'll continue making billions of dollars and boinking all the la-la's you want.

I think what bothers me the most about these jerks is that they profess to maintain the image of the upright family man and they're anything but.

HYPOCRISY. Websters says:
A pretense of having a virtuous character; moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

And by no means am I letting the bimbos off the hook either. These opportunistic, publicity seeking, money hungry bimbettes who are desperately searching for someone to latch onto so they don't have to be responsible for themselves are pathetic. It's 2009 ladies! The 21st Century! When you become involved with married men who have families you are causing serious damage to other human beings. Have some character, some integrity. When you have a moral compass you empower yourself. No one can ever accuse you of being what you are ... a pathetic, clinging user.

What goes around really does come around and I'm glad to see that these wives are no longer standing by their men. I love the argument that men can compartmentalize. They can separate love for wife from sex with whore. Women can do that too ... but usually don't. What if we all compartmentalized ourselves, well that would mean that I could separate my relationships with family and friends and rob them blind without compromising my conscience. Yeah. That would be great! Or, I could sleep with my best friends husband and know that it really isn't about love for my husband just lust for my friends hubby! Yeah. Wouldn't that be cool! Wouldn't that be great! And no one would be accountable for anything! We could do any fricking thing we wanted but it really wouldn't matter because we didn't mean to hurt anybody ... WE JUST WANTED TO DO IT BECAUSE.

Okay. I'm done.


  1. Same discussion on the VIEW yesterday. I agree with you 100%. Kinda makes you sick, ha. That's what our world has come to and everyone just looks the other way until all is forgotten. Crying shame.

  2. LOFL! No matter how many times stories like these are covered by the media NO ONE GETS THE MESSAGE! How stupid can a world class athlete, world famous, recognized everywhere person be?????? Apparently VERY FREAKIN' STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And yes, it is sickening that in 3 mos the world will forget about Tiger's "transgressions" and continue to praise, love, and support him b/c he can hit a ball into a tiny whole... uh-oh.. I feel a pun coming on...Anyway, I am glad he got his face beat in.. although I do not believe violence is the answer to anything, sometimes its the only way to let an asshole know that he is a) an asshole and b)causing pain and suffering. It musta hurt getting beaned by a golf club.. kinda like breaking your marriage vows hurts your spouse.. or like lying to your spouses face over and over again, for years, making her doubt her own sanity.. or maybe like how your kid will feel when his friends in school tease him about his daddy being a "Cheetah." Yeah, kinda like that.

  3. At least his wife is doing the proactive things for herself and the kids . . . no standing next to Tigger as he gave his vague confession to the press ('cause, of course, he has to apologise to his press and fans. sheesh), putting on the brave front, smiling like she's been slapped from her to next week.

    Which, now that I think of it, I hope she did to him.

    I couldn't help but believe, from the first report, that she wasn't *really* aiming toward that window when he crashed on the lawn.


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