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I know I haven't posted in a while and that's mostly because of Thanksgiving and truthfully, not having anything to complain about lately LOL. But there is something I wanted to get out into the world and that is that my stepdaughter, Lauren, will be undergoing kidney transplant surgery on Dec. 7. Her mother will be donating her kidney to Lauren so, as you can see, we will have two family members in the hospital at the same time during the Xmas season. We met yesterday with a whole team of doctors and they gave us all the information we will need to know, including a tour of the hospital so that Lauren will not freak out too much when she wakes up after the surgery. For those of you who don't know about Lauren, she is 23 and has Downs Syndrome and so we have to ease her into things, although I know she is still not really aware of what is actually going to happen which can be good thing and a bad thing. Most importantly, none of us want her to suffer any pain but I guess that is inevitable. So, all you readers out there who read my blog or just happen to stumble onto it today, please say a little prayer to Whoever your God is for Lauren and Dawn. I am a great believer in prayer. Please pray that all goes well, no one gets an infection, and that her body doesn't reject.

And I hope all of you out there have a beautiful Thanksgiving and Xmas holiday!


  1. I believe that Lauren will sail through this with the support of all her loving family. I work with a couple of down syndrome kids and they are the most easy going, friendly, lovable and accepting kids I've come across. With you guys as her parents, I'm sure she's stable, understanding and very much loved and all that will carry her through. I will send my love and thoughts her way and please keep me posted.
    love, bun

  2. Deb, Girl, you know I'm praying cause I thought it had already happened, which is why I wondered why I hadn't hear anything. Sorry, the holidays, as much as I love them, have already hit at my house.

    Anyway, here's praying some more that all will go well. God is good and that's all the time!

  3. Deb,

    I'm praying for Lauren and Dawn and for those anxiously waiting for them to come home healthy!

  4. Dear Debbie
    I left a comment on your previous blog about the 70s, but I wanted to say here that Lauren is in my prayers. She looks like a sweet young lady and I know that you and her other family love her dearly.

  5. Hi Debbie,
    I am praying for Dawn and Lauren. I am also asking God to bless and guide the hands of the surgeons, doctors, nurses, and all those who will be involved in their care. Love you.


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