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ETHAN COUCH ... the Affluenza Teen

OK.  Here's what you do with a little asshole like Ethan Couch.  You drop his ass in Afghanistan and leave him there. 

SECOND.  Take his horrible parents and leave them in Afghanistan as well.    

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this little jerk as he's on the run.  Mr. Judge, how do you feel about that?  A drinking murdering maniac is now somewhere in the world with his affluent mother hiding from justice while four  bodies are in the ground rotting. 


They found Ethan with his mommie in Puerto Vallarta!  They got busted by ordering a Dominos pizza.  Both had dyed their hair dark (and I must say, Ethan looks like the bad ass he wants to be).  As I understand it, they will be extraditing both these losers to the States, but I'm thinking they should just stick them both in a Mexican jail.  Great idea right?! I can tell you one thing for sure ... Ethan is probably hating life right now.  A Mexican jail is a hell on earth (happy face)

There are some that argue the fact that a teenager's frontal lobe is not fully developed and that is why Ethan took such reckless chances like drinking and driving.  And because of his affluent lifestyle he did not know right from wrong.  However, it seems that both of his parents had a frontal lobe that did not fully develop as well.  And with parents like his, ... well shit-heads can only raise another shit-head. 

It will be MIGHTY interesting to see what transpires next.  Hopefully, they'll place all the Couches in prison where they belong.  Actually, they should have a special "arrogance" prison.  A place you can send spoiled, rotten individuals for daily ass-whippings. 
This story reminds me of Alex Kelly, the rapist from Derian, CT.  Remember him?

Also from a wealthy family.  This turd was a serial rapist.  Before his trial he left the United States and spent the next seven years on the run, mostly in Europe.  His parents (lovely people I'm sure) aided and abetted his running away and supported him financially during this period.  Alex was basically living the good life skiing and partying with his Swedish girlfriend in Switzerland until law enforcement caught up with him.  He served eight years of a 27 year sentence and was released in 2007.  Eight years for committing multiple rapes and being on the run for seven years.  Today Alex is a skydiving instructorMan it must be nice to have money.  

Can I just say I really wonder if assholes like these will ever get what they deserve?  Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a world where people like Alex Kelly and Ethan Couch were actually sentenced to long prison terms that they actually served?  If there is anything I can't stand it is injustice.  

*SIGH* ... well ... here's to hoping 2016 brings more GOOD news than bad. I hope everyone out there had a beautiful Xmas and a wonderful new year.  May you have good health, work, love and something to look forward to.

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  1. What's ironic is that Ethan is fighting deportation so he is sitting in a Mexican jail doing MORE time than he might probably get if he just came back to Texas.
    Meanwhile Mommie Stupidest could get 10 years
    Bwa Ha Ha.

  2. I KNOW!!!! What is THAT all about? Why would he want to stay there?

  3. All his money could only buy him a stupid lawyer this time out.


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