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OK ... first of all I have never seen so many winners of T.V. shows that I have never heard of.  

Also, I really wasn't wowed last night.  It lacked excitement for me.  Not sure why, but it did.  

With that said, I am ecstatic that my new boyfriend won an award last night!

Unfortunately he was with his fiancee (or at least that's the rumour) and this makes me sad because I want to marry him.  Oscar has big things in his future for sure.  He is a super talented actor and I'm certain there is an Academy Award in his future.  Grade:  A+

Amy Adams, always beautiful.  I love the orange.  Her hair looks great, makeup great, overall look GREAT.  Grade:  A 

Amy Shumer.  Personally, I think the white should have been black and the black should have been white.  Amy looked sweet.  Grade:  B-

The incredibly talented Bernadette Peters.  Great body, ugly dress.  Bag doesn't match, earrings seem to have some blue in them which is really weird.  The whole look is kind of a mish-mash of a mess.  Grade: D-

Bryce Dallas said she got her dress off the rack at Neiman Marcus ... and it looks it.  To me it looks like she bought it at Marshall's.  Grade:  F-

Cate Blanchett.  PERFECTION.  I LOVE this gown!  Love the color, love the fringe, love the makeup.  Her hair looks great in this photo however it was kind of weird.  It was wrapped and tucked under.  Other than that, this look makes Cate a WINNER! WINNER! WINNER! Grade:  A+

CLASS COUPLE.  Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.  Channing seems to be channeling Adolf Hitler but Jenna looks amazing.  Gorgeous gown, gorgeous hair, gorgeous makeup.  Grade:  A

Eva Longoria.  Very sweet.  Love this dress.  It has a very 40's feel to it.  Her hair and makeup are perfection.  Grade:  B+

Forgive me, I don't know who this gal is and I also don't know what it is that she is wearing. Is it a cape?  Are those sleeves?  What ever they are they should have been removed.  She looks like a nun for Satan  Grade:  D-

Corinne Foxx, Jamie's daughter was this years Miss Golden Globe.  She's a beautiful girl, but unfortunately the dress is too TOO mature for her.  I think something a little more young and sexy would have worked better.  Grade:  C

 Gerard Butler looking quite dapper in navy blue.  Grade:  A

Gina Rodriguez.  LOVED the entire look. I love this girl.  Grade:  A

Heidi Klum.  Just once I wish I wouldn't see this chick on the red carpet.    This woman would go to the opening of an envelope.  This frock looks like she's wearing a very sick ostrich.  Enough said.  Grade:  Double F- because she bugs the shit outta me.

Jamie Lee Curtis.  Love Jamie, however, this dress  is HORRIBLE.  It adds weight
to her and just seems to be lacking something.  She has a great body and this dress does nothing for her.  Grade:  D

I think Julianne Moore is BEAUTIFUL.  Not easy to wear a dress that is this telling on the body.  She hasn't an ounce of fat, nor a roll anywhere.  If I were to attempt this look I would look like Ursula from the Little Mermaid.  Grade:  A

Julia Louis Dreyfuss.  I'm only putting a picture of her because if you see this dress, you've seen every gown she has ever worn.  Ever.  They are ALL THE SAME.  I mean she always looks good and I'll give her an A for being perfect in a much too perfect way, but she NEVER takes a chance.  Goes with the same old safe predictable look.

Jon Hamm looking mighty handsome.  Grade:  A

I hate the bitch, but she knows how to bring it.  She looks like a classic moviestar.  Gorgeous.  Very 1940's.  I love the dress, the color, the diamonds, the bag, the red lip.  Grade:  A+

Jennifer Lawerence.  GORGEOUS.  BUT ... I think the hair could have looked a little sexier.  Grade:  A-

The beautiful Kate Bosworth.  Very pulled together.  Almost too pulled together.  I'd love to see her loosen up and let her hair down.  Maybe wear something a little sexier, more bohemian.  She's a beautiful girl but like Julia Louis Dreyfuss she always wears the same thing.  Grade:  A

Kate Hudson. Looks great, but I'm not feeling that choker thing. She's like Paltrow to me... another princess of Hollywood.  I kind of hate these second generation movie stars.  They all seem kind of spoiled and bratty to me.  Like no one has ever told them no in their lives ever. 

Kate Perry.  VA-VA-VOOM.  The greatest tits on earth.  She looks super sexy and she's getting an A+  Love the hair, the dress, the makeup.

Kevin Hart is SHORT SHORT SHORT, BUT his lady is beautiful and I LOVE her dress.  I'm giving her an A+ ... He actually looks really good however, he should really consider lifts ... and socks.

Kirsten Dunst.  Another great pair of knockers.  The black against her white skin - gorgeous.  Grade:  A

Lady Ga Ga was a winner last night.  She was so excited you'd think she won a Oscar.  I think she looked very glam, however she needs to do something to the hair. TOO platinum.  p.s.  Tell your hairdresser to use some toner next time you get your roots done.  Grade:  B

Laverne Cox.  Gorge.  It is not easy to wear white and she pulls it off beautifully.  Love the hair, love the makeup, love the jewels.  Tres elegant.  Grade:  A+  (her bag looks like a present).

Taraji ... "SNAP"  

Beautiful.  Again, difficult to wear white however, she pulls it off beautifully and looks fabulous.  Hair/makeup ALL perfection.  Grade:  A

HOW NOT to wear white AND how NOT to wear a cape.   Regina, Regina, Regina ...WHAT the hell IS THIS?  Spangles are too big, shoes are horrible, cape is all wrong.  Grade:  F-

Malin Ackerman.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Love this ice blue gown!  She looks truly beautiful.  Grade:  A+ WINNER WINNER WINNER!!

Melissa McCarthy looking beautiful.  Hair and makeup is right on however, with her recent weight loss I don't know why she chose this caftan thing.  I'm going to give her a B- (and I'm being generous cause I love her) but Melissa, come Oscar time I expect you to step it up.

Michael Fassbender.  MAN-CANDY.  YUM YUM YUM ... A+!!!

I love Rachel McAdams. I think she is stunningly beautiful however this gown is a disaster.  It makes me kind of car sick.  Hair and makeup is beautiful but that dress ... Grade:  F

Queen Latifah.  GORGEOUS! Love the color of this beautiful gown. The jewelry is perfect, her hair and makeup are gorgeous.  Grade:  A

Class couple.  Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis.  She looks fab, although I HATE the color of this gown.  Maroon and dark greens make me car sick. And Jason, I know they're super expensive but your shoes look stupid.  Grade:  C-

Rooney Mara.  Mhmmm ... she always goes with this severe sort of edgy look.  She does it well and I'm going to give her an A, but I'd LOVE to see her in something more feminine and soft.  Would love to see her hair down and flowing. 

Jason Statham and fiancee Rosie Huntington-Whitely.  So either Rosie is an Amazon or Jason is a pipsqueak.  His girlfriend is a foot taller than him!  From the movies he looks 6'4" and imposing as hell.  She is a vision in gold - Grade:  A; and he looks sexy as hell but he should be wearing heels - Grade:  A.

Saoire Ronan.  Very ethereal and lovely in white.  If you haven't seen her movie "Brooklyn" you should.  It's a beautiful love story.  Grade:  B

Stallone won last night and came up quite grateful and humble.  Creed was really good and Sylvester Stallone deserved the award.  He gave a very good performance.  

Wiz Khalifa.  A face only a mother could love.  Grade:  Double F-

Brie Larson.  This is a pretty dress but something is amiss.  She should have done something to her hair.  It's just hanging there.  Grade:  B

David Owelowyo.  He seems to be channeling Pee Wee Herman.  NOT a good look.  Grade:  F

Jaime Alexander.  Like I said, I HATE dark forest green and then to go and put it with black ... gag me.  HOWEVER, this girl is SO BEAUTIFUL that I had to put her picture in and despite my disdain for the color combination, she looks absolutely stunning.  Grade:  A+

Well, that's it.  I have to say I wasn't blown away by anyone especially and wasn't too impressed with a lot of the movies.  I saw the Martian and I really liked it, however the trailer for The Revenant makes me NOT want to see it.  I LOVED Brooklyn.  Saw the Big Short - good, but loved Spotlight. 

Onto the Oscars!  


  1. I stopped and stared at my-Husband-In-My-Head, Oscar Isaac for about a half hour.
    I am shocked that JLo looked less hookerish and more pulled together, save for that "Oops, I crapped my pants" face.

  2. Right! Did you see Taraji posing on the red carpet? I wasn't sure whether she was being campy or serious.


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