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 John Stamos looking very George Clooney.  Without a doubt, the best looking man on the Red Carpet.

Grade:  A

 Meghan Trainor.  Mhmmm ... very 1980's.  Grade:  C

Kiki Palmer - Very cute and sexy.  Not feeling the puddle hem.  Grade:  B-

Who is this?  She's really pretty.  As for her look ... sort of an edgy Heidi.  Grade:  B

I don't know who this is but this dress is horrible.  All that's missing is her bonnet and basket of flowers.  Grade:  F-

Another pretty girl I don't know.  Gorgeous girl, pretty dress but the palettes are a little too big.  Grade:  B

Carly Rae Jepson channeling Joan Jett.  Too much black.  Black hair/black eyeliner/black leather.  Grade:  F-

Sorry.  Don't know her.  Dress is nice I guess, but I'm growing tired of the sheer skirt.  Grade:  B-

Yeah.  Don't know her either.  Beautiful outfit, very 1970's.  But an orange clutch and pink shoes.  No.  Grade:  B-

 Like the dress and the shoes but the hair looks a tad severe.  Grade: B-

 Let me tell you what I LOVE about this ensemble ... she has pink shoes!  She matches!  She's not going with emerald green pumps for pop ... Grade:  A

This lady looks like Mary Hartley.  Very 1970's.  Grade:  C-

Don't know her name but this gal is BEAUTIFUL!

OK.  I actually know who this is ... Rene Olmstead.  FANTASTIC JAZZ SINGER.  Truly talented. She's a beautiful girl and I like the dress but the shoes are ALL WRONG.  The skirt could be a little longer and the shoes could have been strappy.  That would have made for an overall great look.  Grade:  A-

Christina Millian .... It's NOT EASTER.  TOO much lavendar.  Grade:  F-

 Marcia Gay Harden.  Lovely.  Classy.  Grade:  A+

Adorable girl.  I love this outfit but the pants are too long. Grade:  A-

 DUDE!  Put on a suit!  OMG you're at an award show!!  Grade:  F- MINUS

Claire ... for the love of God GET A STYLIST!!!  Grade:  F- MINUS!  Girlfriend your hips look GIGANTIC.

 Julianne Hough ... BEAUTIFUL.  Grade:  A+

Kate Hudson ALWAYS wears white.  This is perfection to me. Grade:  A

Lisa Vanderpump.  VA-VA-VOOM.  OK - the hair leaves a bit to be desired a blingy clutch would have gone much better than this PURSE.  
 Amber Valletta - gorgeous however the shoes are ALL WRONG.  And the hair could look a little better.  Grade:  B-


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SO, recently California passed a law wherein we now have to use our own bags every time we go to the market or CVS or Rite-Aid, or wherever.  If you don't take your own bags you have to purchase one for 10 cents.  So if you buy a shitload of groceries, you're now going to have to pay an extra 40 or 50 or 60 cents on top of that .... to help the environment.  HOWEVER, here's the really smart part.  The bags they sell you are made of .... wait for it .... PLASTIC.  you know ... to help the environment.

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