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From Huffington Post
(Italics are my comments)
On Wednesday, the radio host weighed in again.  He said one listener called him to point out that the federal government does not require employers to cover eye exams or dental work … to which Rush asked:
"Which is worse, to go blind from lack of regular eye exams or to get pregnant? And again, pregnancy is something you have to do to cause," Limbaugh said. "It doesn't just happen to you while you're walking down the street except in the case of sexual abuse." He claimed that women treat pregnancy "like a disease" even though it is the consequence of their actions. "And yet, they wouldn't have the problem if they didn't do a certain thing," he said. "It's that simple."
Dear Rush –
First of all, I suggest you purchase a box of Depends prior to reading my letter.  I wouldn’t want you to soil your shorts. 
Rush ... let me educate you a little.  Believe it or not women actually LIKE to have sex.  YES.  They do.  Sometimes they have lots of it.  Sometimes they have it with other ladies and sometimes they have it all alone (like you do) and sometimes they have it with MEN.  MEN provide the seed that make the ladies pregnant.  NOW birth control prevents unwanted pregnancies.  Or, the men can wear this thing called a prophylactic.  It doesn’t allow the man to ejaculate into the lady (that means no pregnancy.  Unless of course, the man is like you … STERILE).
Pregnancy is not thought of as a disease by ladies.  It is thought of as a disease by YOU.  Responsible ladies take birth control so they don’t have unwanted babies.  I think that is called smart.  I think that is called responsible. 
You also stated above, that “women wouldn’t have the problem (pregnancy) if they didn’t do a certain thing (sex).  Let me ask you Rush … how long would you date a lady if she didn’t want to give you sex?  I know I know, you usually pay for it, but you know what I mean.  Men and ladies would not be together for very long if no one was having sex.  If the lady isn’t “putting out” the men get mad.  It’s not always easy being a lady.  Hey – you should ask your wife about this stuff.  She’s a lady right?  Or is she a beard?  Oh well.  Not to worry.  You will not be making any babies any time soon because after three (or is it four) marriages you have never been able to fertilize a lady.  This is because you shoot what are called blanks.  Sperms that are impotent.  You have no good sperms.  And can I just say thank God for that.  But I digress …  
So if I may, in the future when you feel compelled to weigh in on subjects you know nothing about, I suggest you serve yourself another gin and tonic and pop a couple of Oxycontin.  Soon, you’ll feel all tingly and nice.  Let that feeling settle in ... and stay away from the computer ... and all will be right with the world. 


  1. Yet another great post. Amen, sister!

  2. It's too bad his mom had sex and didn't use the pill. Or a coat hanger. Just saying. What a waste of skin.


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