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IF, when you have your regularly scheduled hair appointment your husband says ..."BUT YOU JUST CUT YOUR HAIR!" ... YOU MIGHT BE MARRIED TO A TIGHTWAD.

IF, when you return from Cost Co. and your husband asks you how much you spent and you say $46.00 because I needed paper plates and they had a great set of towels for $21.00 but you don't tell him about the $9.00 paperback you also bought ... YOU MIGHT BE MARRIED TO A TIGHTWAD. 

IF, when you tell your husband you're going to Macy's after work to buy Father's Day gifts for your father, your brother and HIM and he asks you ... "how much do you think you're gonna spend?" ... YOU MIGHT BE MARRIED TO A TIGHTWAD.

Yes.  I am married to a tightwad.  His favorite saying?  Count your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.  How dorky  is that?  He heard it from Dave Ramsey.    

What I find quite comical is that he is usually more concerned with MY spending habits than HIS spending habits.  So I guess you could say he's a tightwad only when it comes to MY spending.  Case in point:  He had this great opportunity to buy a $10,000 bike for $2,300 (YES.  You read that correctly.  TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS) and he says to me, he says "can I get it?"  And what do you think I said?  I said "yes honey.  You can get it."  BECAUSE I know that when I want something and he starts busting my chops with his questions, questions, QUESTIONS about how much whatever it is that I want is going to cost he'll know better than to say ANYTHING to me because he now has his $10,000 bike and I NEED A FUCKEN SOFA AND A BEDROOM SET SO SHADDDUP!!!



  1. WOW....Debbie my friend, you do what Anaïs Nin once said about poets say what the rest of us can't!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I certainly am NOT married to a tight-wad, but I do know the signs...and your account here is so true and familiar!

    HOW ARE YOU is the question! Thank you for coming to visit me; we are well and excited about living. With school off for the summer and writing projects on the table, we are keeping busy. We were just in California for Christmas on a whirlwind tour, and it would have been nice to connect, but we didn't have much time - I hope we can have another reunion one day and laugh it up again. I'll never forget that day at Rusty's....

  2. Later this week i'll have a story about Carlos shrieking, SHRIEKING, in the check-out line at CostCo.

  3. Bob ... I'm already laughing!

    1. It's up, in Random Musings from Thursday!

      S H R I E K I N G

  4. I find it hard to get out of Costco without spending less than $100.00.

  5. OMG mine's not a tightwad either, but my friends have tightwad husbands and Dave Ramsey is their frigging GOD! It's crazy. Spend it while you have it is my motto, but live within your means. Makes sense, right?


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