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Don't they look too done with each other?  WOW.  Eighteen years.  Truthfully, I never knew what he saw in her.  However, I like Melanie and I LOVED her in Working Girl.  I can only guess at why they're separating, but if the tabloids are any indication, Melanie has been in and out of rehab countless times and seems to have an addiction to prescription drugs AND plastic surgery ... which, in all honesty, has really fucked up her face.  I'll tell you one thing ... when they first hooked up I was SO JEALOUS.  Antonio was the new hot thing and she got him!  (This was of course WAY before my Viggo obsession) ... with all that said, I always feel bad when a couple divorces ... especially after making a good run of it.  Good luck you two.

And just to be evil... 

Melanie Before ...

Isn't she pretty


Melanie After ...

Ay pobrecita. 
p.s.  I always thought that STUPID Antonio in the heart tattoo was SO DUMB.

 NEXT ...

Jennifer and Casper the friendly Ghost are separating as well.  He's decided that now that he's heading into junior high he wants to know what it's like to date boys girls his own age.  What a pair of jerks. 

I should probably let you know that this is going to be a snarky post.  Not an uplifting, spiritually wise post.  I'll do that next time. 
So I was skimming over the tabloids to find something to snark about and I came upon photos of Kim and Kanye's wedding guests.  This one right here made me want to punch this stupid kid in the throat ...

Jaden Smith shows up wearing a white batman suit.  To a wedding.  Even Kris is embarrassed and NOTHING embarrasses her!

NEXT ....
Maggie Gyllenhaal at the Tony Awards.  OK.  I think she is REALLY talented, but doesn't her face remind you of a baseball mitt?

The headline said: 
"And guess what she named her?"  Guess?  Mhmmm.  Genitalia?
Actually, it's worse.  She named her poor child "ROYAL REIGN."  These folks sure are obsessed with royalty.  Did you know Jermaine Jackson has a son named Jermagesty?  It's true.  Google it.
My next post will be a thought provoking, intelligent epistle.  Promise. 
Til then ...


  1. re: Melanie and Antonio. While she was rehabbing her drug addiction and her face, he was out and about schtupping all over town. I cannot believe these two crazy kids couldn't make a go of it.

    re: Jello-O and Casper: they say it was his attraction to transgender models that caused the split, but all i know is that now La Lopez is trying to get us to believe that they've been over for nearly two months. Oh, JLo, STFU.

    re: That Woman and That Spoiled Child: she was probably pissed he stole the spotlight from her Fat-Assed Daughter and Fat-Headed son-in-law.

    How's that for uplifting? =)

  2. Bob, your comments are ALWAYS uplifting LOL!

  3. I liked Melanie in Working Girl too.

    A white batman suit at the wedding of a notorious media whore/amateur porn actress? I think she got what she deserves.


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