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OK.  Angelina Jolie.  She is unbelievably courageous and I feel really bad for ragging on her in the past.  I do feel that she is blessed to have had children before having to deal with this.  Being childless is a fate worse than death for most women.  Her situation is especially tough ... I just read that she is also going to remove her ovaries.   DAYUM.  Thirty-seven is too young for that.  She'll probably have to go on hormone replacement and experience early menopause ... and believe me, being in the throes of menopause myself, I don't envy her.  But ... she does have Brad Pitt to curl up to at night so that's a consolation.  I've ragged on Brad too.  I'm a horrible person.  So Angelina, Brad ... I'm  really, REALLY sorry for ragging on you and I promise I will never, EVER pick on you guys again.  Get well hon.  {{BIG HUG}}.   

O.J. Simpson goes back to court.  (Is he looking fat and ugly or what?)  And he's still the same ole arrogant jerk we all remember.  Pig.  If they let this asshole get a new trial I'll shave my head.  He needs to stay behind bars for 33 years PERIOD.  He'll be in his 90's when he gets out and that seems more than fair to me.  HE SHOULD LIVE SO LONG. 

(I copied this from Wonderwall because I wanted to prove I'm not the only hater out there)

Kim steps out for lunch with her mother in the San Fernando Valley, showing off a pair of rough-looking hooves ...

(This part is me) Petunia Pig is also wearing a dress that is five sizes too small.   

The amazing Amy Ferris happened to comment on her facebook page about Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne’s performance at the Billboard Awards show and inferred that it was tres tacky.  I did not watch the Billboard awards, nor do I watch the Grammy’s because I don’t know who anybody is.  That’s what happens when you get old.  You become wise and tasteful, ergo, a bunch of rappers jumping around making gang signs and spouting misogynistic vitriol no longer entertains you.  But, merely out of curiosity, I Googled the performance to see for myself.
OH.  MY.  GOD.   
First, how any of this was even broadcast in prime time to begin with is UNBELIEVABLE.
I cannot repeat the lyrics.  They are far too disgusting.  And the performance … FILTHY, VULGAR, DISGUSTING, UGLY, SEXIST, BASE.  I cannot go on.
If Nicki were my daughter I would divorce her and hide in a cave for the rest of my natural life.  Same if Lil Wayne were my son.  I do not know where, how, or when people began to become so disgusting and ugly.  AND IN PUBLIC.  And I'm not a prudish old lady.  What I saw was pornographic in nature, SEXIST, and UNNECESSARY!!
We do not need to see Nicki Minaj give Lil Wayne a lap dance as she pops and bumps and plays with her lady parts.  YEAH.  And the crowd was going wild.  That alone, requires a serious study in human behavior.  Frightening.


  1. OJ has said that if he gets out of prison he'll go on a college speaking tour, speaking to law students about the Trail Of The Century.
    Still arrogant. Still a murderer. Should stay in jail.

    I like Nicki--didn't see her, um, "performance"--but also would not want to see her "performance."

  2. Re O.J.... Agreed, agreed and agreed.

    Nicki, oy.

  3. Isn't that rich (pun intended): If OJ gets out of prison, he'll make millions on speaking tours to young people (to law students, no less), proving yet again that in our culture, crime pays, very dayum well.

    About the LW / N performance: I just don't go in for that so-called music/entertainment scene. So the only way I would watch it is if I were tied to a chair and forced to do so. It's not that I think myself so above "the great unwashed." I simply have to filter some things out because there's only 24 hours in the day and if you left it to our culture, every second of your life, every dime you make, every thought in your head would belong to one or more of the millions of things out there clawing to own you.

    I do however feel very concerned for future generations of young people who are increasingly getting the message that morals, decency, even one's own claimed beliefs and convictions are all expendable to whatever is expedient: fame, $, votes, etc. Don't get me wrong, we all at times act on the less nobler side of our nature. I cringe at some of the dumb things I've done in my life. But sooner or later, hopefully, one grows up and not just old. For me that means in no small part that I see my good as inextricably bound in your good. Let's some rapper rap on that!

    God bless you my friend

  4. I love you.

    And OJ is a fucking pig ho should NEVER see the light of day.

  5. Kim looks like she's going to give birth to a baby hippo. Seriously, pregnancy does not mean "license to eat."

    And OJ? Needs to rot.

    Niki Minaj is the craziest whore on the planet.

    And cancer still doesn't change the fact that Angelina is a husband stealing baby buyer. Just saying. And I mean, it's it like she had the cancer yet, she just had the gene.

    I have PMS.


  6. It's okay honey. You can come here and vent anytime. :)

  7. I did Youtube the LW/NM performance, and I wish I didn't. All of it was disgusting. My chin hit the floor when I heard those lyrics. It was sickening hearing the crowd respond so enthusiastically. I agree with Ruben's comments 100%.

    Philippians 4:8- Read it.


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