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There isn't even a word that could possibly describe my dream life.  My dreams are like a parallel universe that I exist in that is ultra bizarre.  I had one the other night that I  have not been able to stop thinking about and I keep wondering how I could possibly get it written into a screenplay.

So the premise of the dream is this .... I am living in someone else's reality.  This reality is really dangerous, like life threatening dangerous and I am about to be murdered -- but I have no idea by who/how or where.  All I know is that I have to escape.  The means of escape is through several doors, which will take me into yet another dangerous reality, BUT, if I take the wrong door, I will return to the same reality I have just tried to escape.  So I'm basically fucked no matter which way you look at it.  (Prophetic?)

Scene one:  I am in high rise office building.  I am in the coffee room taking a break.  I'm a temp worker.  The people there don't like me.  As I sit and drink my coffee I watch an old lady jump up and down until her underwear falls down to her ankles.  Several other workers race to help her pull up her underwear and then drag her away because she has obviously lost her mind.  Just then, I realize that if I don't make a quick get-a-way, I am NEXT and I know that if I don't get out of there immediately something terrible will happen to me.  I run out of the coffee room and escape into a stairwell where there are several large doors all offering a means of escape.  Above each door is the destination.  One door says, TO NEW YORK, another FROM TOKYO, another TO HARLEM and another TO LOS ANGELES.  I don't know which one to take.  I'm panicking.  I decide on the New York door ... I open the door and there is a little car on a rail -- like a roller coaster ... I sit in it and am immediately hurled into space through the New York skyline until I end up on a street right on my butt.  Just like in THE TERMINATOR movie, the bad guy has followed me and I'm off and running again!  Oh shit.  I run through he city trying to find a place to hide when I realize that I do not know this city at all and I have no idea where to hide.  So I do the only thing I can, and that is to find my way back to the DOORS -- to choose another reality -- I find my way back to the stairwell wherein I jump onto the TOKYO roller coaster and I am propelled into TOKYO.  It is night and I find myself in a beautiful hotel lobby, very eco-chic, lots of white lacquered walls with huge aquariums full of exotic, colorful fish.  I'm safe ... for a while.  I try to familiarize myself with this new place when all too soon I sense the evil presence and I once again have to find my way back to the doors.  I run through the lobby and get on the escalator.  I know that if I can find my way back to the stairwell, I will find THE DOORS and I can escape again. 

The dream continues ALL NIGHT and consisted of me desperately trying to escape all of these realities until I finally woke up in a panic and thoroughly exhausted. 
My personal interpretation:  I'm screwed and my reality sucks. 



  1. This is really, really weird. SO many people seem to be having weird dreams lately. I wonder if subconsciously we're worried about the whole Mayan hype.

  2. I'm the odd man out in that, the crazier my dreams the better I like 'em.
    And, while I am not real big on the panic/terror/murder parts, your dream sounds kinda an intense way.
    Maybe Vegas Linda Lou is right. Damn those Mayans!

  3. I've said it before about my dreams - it's like I drop a tab of acid and then go to sleep! Wild!

  4. I hardly ever remember my dreams. I wish I could remember them like you do.

  5. I dream in technicolor too, so a wild one can send me into a tailspin!
    You're obviously working through your employment struggles while you are sleeping.
    Of you dropped a tab of acid before bed. :)

  6. Heartinhand - Right?! LSD ... nite nite.


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