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This Sunday I attended a reading from "Dancing at the Shame Prom" hosted by my amazing friends Amy Ferris and Hollye Dexter.  The evening was a wonderful journey as we listened to many amazing, fantastic, talented women writers read from their essays which compile this amazing book.  Heart wrenching, funny, painful stories that all women can relate to.  Like the woman whose mother was an emotionally abusive and stubborn hoarder, to the other whose father was a cruel alcoholic who terrified and humiliated her.  People and incidents that invalidated and robbed them of them of their worth, their truth and their beauty BUT, through the power of the written word, they found their strength and each one of these women rose like a Phoenix to state her truth and say I AM HERE AND I AM SOMEBODY.  

Each woman recalled her own personal story of shame that crippled and stifled her.  A shame that held her back from really living, loving, and being.  We listen to them as they share the most personal, most painful stories and rejoice with them when they each awaken from their self-imposed indifference to realize and claim their own power and  greatness. 

Each woman stood up and proudly shared her story and touched every single person in that room.  There were loud claps of appreciation and lots of laughter and many sighs of "yes ... I understand".  It was a love fest.  Because we women are awesome! And when we share our stories together we empower one another.  And when we encourage one another we can conquer anything and anyone who wants to keep us small.  


SO GO OUT AND BUY THE BOOK!  You'll  be glad you did.
The incredible, adorable, generous Amy Ferris.

The equally incredible, adorable and generous Hollye Dexter.

The amazing writers who contributed their powerful stories to the book.

My favorite picture of Amy.



  1. Looks like a great book--I'll definitely look for it! And YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!


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