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Women who feel they must photograph their big old bellies when they're pregnant.  I find this disgusting and gross.   I do not want to see someone's pregnant belly no matter how artistically you have photographed it.  You are not the first person on earth to ever "give birth" or "bear a child" so get the fuck over yourselves.  Ugh. 

Here we have Earth Mother Lady of the Lake emerging from the water with child (eyes rolling)


I don't know what the hell she's trying to say with her sarong, her big belly and her red umbrella at sunset ... it must have some deeper meaning that I, a woman who has never borne a child, cannot understand.  

This gal looks like she's ready to deliver her baby and drop it right on it's head.  Maybe she could find a mattress or a pillow or something?  I'm just sayin'. 

I'll pick a little bird from heaven while I make everyone look at the ugly dark line that is running down my big old belly.  Gross. 

Notice the lines, the contour, the dark against the light, the breast, the belly, the teddy bear ... GAWD.

 A firefighter?  Really? 

Personally, I find all of these pictures really stupid.  All I can think about is that scene in Aliens when the monster comes out of that guys gut.  



  1. That one with the lady spread eagle really does look likes she's ready to drop and i do not need to see that!

  2. The pictures don't get my feathers ruffled more than the "I-never-knew- how-much-I-could-love-until-I-became-a mother" mindset. Its as if these women invented motherhood. I guess what I am really talking about here is the thinly veiled message that childless women are less evolved & less important than women who are mothers. If this were really true then I, being no one's mother, apparently have less capacity to love and experience life than Octo-mom, for example. I am not in any way trying to diminish or disrespect motherhood. I am, however, speaking up for the thousands of women like me who live lives that have value, importance, and who contribute to the good of this world all day, every day, 24/7, 365 too. With that said, I am off to have my blubbery belly artistically photographed while I run around at work for 12 hours on the nursing unit, doing my job while looking wistful & other-worldly... with fairy wings, a blinged out stethoscope, and a tiara. Peace. Out.

  3. You rock my damn world...thank you for writing this brillant post. Like your belly with child is some badge of honor? Give me a break!



  4. Thanks Muffy! It does my heart good to know there are others who feel like me LOL!

  5. I totally agree with you....I don't think its a horrible sight...BUT it is a sight for themselves & husbands not the world. Who cares women have been having babies forever with pregnant bellies why do I have to look at yours. Again....get over yourselves.

  6. Love, love, love this post ! As a mother of 3, my own belly was gross to look at, I sure as hec dont want to see somebody elses, cuz even though they are "airbrushed" pictures (you know they are) they are still disgusting to see, just sayin'


  7. I'm here from The Corporate Slave and I'm just kind of lurking til I see this post and I'm all "WHA'? Hell ya!"

    I had two babies and both times, when someone took a picture of me, all they got was a dirty look. And not all women only gain the "baby bump," some people are packing on 60 damn pounds and quite frankly, I don't want to see it in real life or in a picture. I wonder if previous generations thought we were as obnoxious...

    1. Rox! Thank you for visiting! Glad you found something you could relate to LOL!


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