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Ok.  Got my dose of dirty T.V. and caught the Housewives of Orange County.  

ONE:  Alexis Bellino is unbelievably DUMB.  She planned a PUPPIES AND PRINCESS party for her twins McKenna and Melania (what the fuck ever happened to NORMAL names) ... there were princesses and carriages and puppies and birthday cake and tiaras.  And this broad is so proud of herself because she can manage it all while having a CAREER (EYES ROLLING).  


DUMB - Adjective

1.   Lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted.
2.   Lacking the power of speech (often offensive when applied to humans); a dumb animal

TWO:  Tamara had her second husband Simon's name surgically removed from her ring finger to prove her love for Eddie (just like she put the tattoo on her ring finger in the first place to prove her love for Simon).  Tamara is afraid to bring her kids into her relationship with Eddie the Chipmunk because she's afraid that it will cause them to break up and he'll leave her. Tamara ... HE WILL.  

THREE:  Vicki is crazy and psychotic.  As for her "boyfriend" Brooks, he is a kiss-ass, an opportunist, a weirdo and a phony and Vicki is in deep, DEEP denial.  Who I really feel bad for is Briana, Vicki's daughter.  Her mother is cuckoo for Cocoa-puffs and she knows it, however, Vicki is her mother so what are you gonna do?  (Personally, I'd kill myself). 

FOUR:  Slade Smiley actually went to a jeweler and asked if he could have an "imitation" stone set in an engagement ring for Gretchen and then, after he pays all his back child support and starts making the big bucks again he'll come back and switch it out for a real diamond.  Poor Gretchen ... not really but, you know.

FIVE:  Heather, who is married to a plastic surgeon is the new face on the block.  Her cheek implants are much too large and her brow lift is much too tight.  She has four kids and is swimming in diamonds.  She acts as though she were born into royalty and is the arbiter of all things tasteful and classy.  NOT. 

... Lifestyles of the rich and stupid.  


  1. I'm one of those that has never watched Housewives. O.C or Desperate.

    Although maybe I should start. It makes my life look so fabulous by comparison!

  2. f8hastit, I am very conflicted by my dirty t.v. I like to think of myself as an intelligent person, a thinker, a person of high morale character, however, the Housewives are like crack to me. And I am properly ashamed ... and they are always good for the blog.

    Shameful in L.A.

  3. Nailed it.

    PS Eddie is a big ol' homo.

  4. Bob - I don't have heavy duty gaydar, but that seems to be the consensus ... Eddie is maybe on the down low.

  5. Have you seen Theresa on the New Jersey franchise? She’s just as dumb as Alexis.

  6. RJ, yeah. Teresa is about as smart as a tire iron.


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